The Grot Mega-Tank

Well, I managed to sit down for some painting this weekend but I did not get round to finishing off Belial and his Deathwing Knights – that was really a pipe dream.

But I did manage to finish off the Grot Mega-Tank!


This has always been a favourite of mine and I finally managed to get round to picking one up! I like the whole ‘land ship’ feel to this, from the prow/ram and turrets (it seems to work best when delivering a broadside!) to even a depth charge mounted on the side near the back!

I debated on the colour scheme for quite some time. I knew it had to be different from any of my Ork clan colours and, for a long time, I was going to copy the blue that Forge World has done it on their site. However, I never really like doing blue (it is the one colour that does not go well with the Magic Goop) and while I don’t think I will ever do a Death Skullz army, a blue Mega-Tank would clash with it if I did.

In the end I went with bright red – I figure the Grots have managed to put this thing together and feel they have something to prove, so they will go with the brightest colour they can find!

As for battlefield use, that will have to wait, as you need a unit of Grot Tanks before you can field this bad boy. However, I am doubtful as to its effectiveness. Sure, it can move up to 12″ and fire all of its weapons, but you are just as likely to crawl along at 2″. There is also the problem that it is most effective when presenting a broadside to the enemy, as this is where its armour is weak. Finally, with all those weapons, it is somewhat expensive points-wise, and I am not sure it will ever earn its worth on the battlefield (like a lot of other Forge World items – not necessarily a bad thing). I think I would deploy it only when I am 100% sure the rest of the army is strong.

Incidentally, I also painted up two Cannon for my Dwarfs (just two Organ Guns to go for the 2,000 point army!) but I had to mix up a new batch of Magic Goop this weekend and I think I made it a bit too weak. The Mega-Tank also suffered from this (you can see a lack of shading around the bare metal areas and part of the red, though the yellow came out well enough). So, I think I will thicken the mix up bit and re-Goop both Dwarfs and bits of the Mega-Tank. Will show off the results later this week.

I also managed to progress just a little further on the Secret Army, though I am still figuring out the colour scheme. However, this may be the first army I have ever done that requires no shading and no highlights. Intrigued? Sound odd? Stay tuned!


Mad Idea no. 457

While painting this weekend, I was re-watching Pacific Rim (it is a guilty pleasure) and a thought occurred. If you are a regular here, you will know about my work on a couple of Star Wars Codexes for 40k. Well, I seem to remember there was a  range of Pacific Rim robots about 8-12″ in height. Or, to put it another way, in the same ballpark as 40k Imperial Knights. Plus, there are many other robots in this scale, such as Gundam, Battletech and many other kids ranges.

I know of someone who is using the Pacific Rim as Imperial Knights, but I think we can go better. Pacific Rim robots (and others) with their own datasheets. And, you know what, I may not even bother with points values and force lists – just grab your favourite robot and duke it out using the 40k rules.

Bears some thought, and a trip to Toys R Us may be in order, but stay tuned. If these models don’t even need painting, this could end up being some very fun and easy gaming! If I do anything about this, I’ll make sure I do some datasheets that you can download from here…


One Response to “The Grot Mega-Tank”

  1. Archie Says:

    re:Mad Idea no. 457 – “Pacific Rim”

    I also heard you mention this on the Heelanhammer podcast.

    I’ve been using crimson typhoon as a IKnight stand in for a while, as I love these toys (cheaper too). I have amassed quite a collection of the NECA range and would appreciate hearing more on potential rulesets to use. I have been eyeing up the Dropzone commander city terrain, which while not being in scale (10mm i think) It is prepainted and easy to get hold of.

    If you ever run a (side) event / show game, Count me in!

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