More Booms!

This weekend, I finally polished off my 2,000 point Dwarf army with the addition of the last components – two Organ Guns!


If you recall my Cannon post, you will notice I also changed the base of the Dwarf stronghold to something more appropriate to the basing of my Dwarfs!

I plan to have a lot of fun with these new weapons – with a 30″ range, each one kicks out two Artillery Dice worth of shots (up to 40 shots between them, every turn!), and at Strength 5 and a total of -3 on armour, they will rip through, well, anything.

This will be enhanced by Runes, of course. Both need the Rune of Forging, of course, to re-roll those inevitable Misfires. To make them different (Rune rules), one will have the Rune of Accuracy, and maybe I will take a Rune of Burning off one of the Cannon to place on the second. Or I could just say to hell with Misfires and give one a Rune of Penetrating, making it Strength 6…


Glory of Ages

We played the third round of this last week, with Alan’s Skaven in the middle against my combined Dwarfs and High Elves – and he lasted a massive 9 turns, thanks in no small part to his Hell Pit Abomination. We are planning the final battle this week, with my High Elves facing Skaven and Vampire Counts. I remain confident but the Elves are going to have to pull out all the stops to claim a victory for the Forces of Order…