Heavy Metal

No updates for a while, but I have not been idle!

Just before Christmas, Sandrine organised a painting and play day – basically, a bunch of us get together, paint up models in the morning and play in the afternoon. Alan brought his Dark Eldar, Sandrine her Space Wolves and James his Ultramarines. And me… well, I’ll get on to that.

I had been told that we would make up just one army list for the afternoon, and use it for all games without switching forces to suit opponents. Fair enough, I thought. I turned up first and started making some finishing touches to models, and then Alan walked in.

“You’ve got to be joking!” he said.

This is what I had on the table…


I gave him my most innocent look and said I was happy to abide by the rule that we kept the same army list throughout the day (with these guys, it is not as though I have much choice at 1,500 points…).

Yes, I had finally got round to polishing off my Imperial Knights army, and a general mood of gloom settled around the painting table as the others turned up and we got to work.

Alan and James finished their bits first and went off to have a game (I believe Alan’s Dark Eldar won that game), while Sandrine and I started a little after.

Our game was somewhat embarrassing. Sandrine’s Space Wolves were completely unprepared for the Knights and, to add insult to injury, my pre-game dice rolls meant I had two experienced Knights plus a warlord with It Will Not Die. She conceded after turn three (only two units left), and went off to fight Alan (a game she won, though it seemed very closely contested – a Relic game where they just threw everything into the middle of the table!).

Which left me to fight James’ Ultramarines, a mechanised force full of Predators, Razorbacks and Rhinos. He also had a fortress in which he deployed a Tactical Squad.

It took the Knights a couple of turns to get into their stride (ahem), with just the odd Hull Point getting chipped off vehicles and that damned tactical Squad refusing to budge – or even lose men, despite rapid-firing Battle Cannon being dropped continually on their heads. Then the Knights got in close and things began to change.

Some rams from desperate Razorbacks proved completely ineffectual and the Thermal Cannon soon started taking Space Marine vehicles apart with its AP1 blast templates. His Chaplain Hero went into close combat against a Knight Paladin and actually managed to hold it up for a couple of turns – but the end was inevitable.

When all was said and done (we went to six turns) James’ marines had managed to do enough damage to topple a Knight – but the damage was spread throughout the force and all looked quite healthy.

This battle did illustrate one weakness of the Knights though. James had a Stormtalon buzzing about and I very quickly realised that with its Armour causing the heavy stubbers to just bounce off it and all my big guns using blasts, there was absolutely nothing I do about it unless I tempted it into a hover (fat chance).

Lesson: Flyers work well against Knights.

A few days later, I added yet another Knight (a very special one!), and took on Alan’s Dark Eldar. Battle report coming next…


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