Heavier Metal

I completed one more Imperial Knight over Christmas, and a very special one it was too.

After finishing off the four previous Knights, which handily added up to 1500 points, it was natural to start casting around and think ‘what else is there?’ There are Forge World Knights, sure, but they all have odd points values that do not stack into an all-Knight army neatly, and seem to be aimed more as allies. Plus, they are really quite expensive.

However, White Dwarf did a datasheet a while back for a variant Knight Errant – Gerantius. At 500 points he very neatly rounds a four Knight army up to 2,000 points and after some heartache tracking down the transfers needed for him (released on a separate sheet as a limited run, so I had to use the ‘wargaming community’ to find some going spare – nice chaps!).

And, oh, how he is worth 500 points… Take a normal Knight Errant, then give him a new paint job, BS 5, It Will Not Die, and a 3+ Ion Shield. Shouldn’t be legal, really. But it is, and how the Imperial Knights rejoice!

This is how mine turned out;


Once done, he had to be used in anger! So, I gave Alan a call, who had very neatly ducked out of fighting my Knights on the paint/play day, and told him to rock up with a 2,000 point army, and that he should come loaded for bear!

Gerantius did very well in the battle against his Dark Eldar – mostly because Alan completely ignored it (maybe he thought it would just go away…) and instead concentrated on my Warlord. His Reaver Jetbikes got round the side of the shield and dealt some hideous damage (that D3 loss of Hull Points on a serious hit can catch you out, especially when you only have 6 Hull Points to play with in the first place), and when the rest of his army piled in a turn later, the Warlord (Sir Gottfrei) hit the deck. Another Knight joined him on the floor later in the game, and the other two Knights had a few scratches here and there, but Battle Cannon and Thermal Cannon eventually shot true, blasting apart Raiders and Ravagers (and a Reaper) with growing ease.


Knightly Thoughts

I have always had the opinion that a Knight ally in a ‘normal’ army looks scary but it never seems to earn its points back – which is probably a good thing as it means a Knight is not a ‘must have’ and is not overpowering when it does appear.

Five Knights together (or even just four at 1,500 points) do get a fair bit of synergy from one another and, yes, it is true they can invalidate a portion of an opponent’s army (those with basic weapons only). However, I also think the Knights are set that way, points-wise and, it should be remembered, even the smallest Grot can claim objectives and you will never have enough Knights to cover all bases. So, I do not think they are really an ‘unfair’ army at all (and, by all accounts, they are not topping the tables at tournaments). If you forewarn your opponent that you are bringing them, they certainly are not overpowered.

That said, I would not regard them as my ‘standard’ army, though they will get trotted out now and again, especially now that I have a Forge World Warhound Titan making its way to me through the post right now…


The Secret Army

Now, regular readers will know that my long-suffering opponent, Alan, reads this blog. He just cannot help himself. So, in an effort to maintain an element of surprise in our games (where is the fun without it?) I do not always post about models I have recently finished as soon as they are done.

Before Christmas, I had let Alan know I was building a ‘secret’ army, but refused to tell him what it was. As it happened, I could not get a colour scheme I liked, and so put the project on hold and started Secret Army 2. Now that one I did finish over Christmas, and this weekend I unveiled it during a battle against Alan’s Dark Eldar.

In my next post, I’ll reveal which army it is, and what happened in its first encounter…

Oh, and in a couple of weeks time, just to forewarn you, I will be posting about something that will have at least some 40kers drooling with envy!


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    […] After that, the Magic Goop came out to cover the detailing and silver, and used as ‘lining’ on the armour plates to pick out the panelling. After that, a quick touch up to cover up the inevitable mistakes, then on to basing and, finally, the transfers (pinched from those I did not get round to using on Gerantius). […]

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