Eldar Reinforcements

No Star Wars news this week – though we should be getting in the final prints some time next week!

Instead, I finally got round to polishing off a few new Eldar units. Should have been finished last week but, what, you want some stress? This is supposed to be fun!


This was the first bad boy. I had picked this up with the rest of my army before Christmas but it was not part of the initial 1,500 point ‘build’ so it got kept back. I was going to do it as the Fire Prism, as that seems to be everyone’s favourite, and the Fire Prism does have a sexy gun. However, I was idly paging through the Doomweaver rules and I suddenly realised how good the Night Spinner variant could be. Considering I fight Dark Eldar a lot, the Barrage effects are nice for ‘opportunity’ hits on things like Reaver Jet Bikes and, especially, the Talos (which tends to mope around in the formation with a Cronos and Haemonculus). Template comes down out of nowhere and on 6’s get an AP1 hit. Nice to just ‘erode’ units like that before they get into contact with the main part of my force where they will be just a little bit weaker (and that has also got me looking at D-Cannon weapons, where they can do much the same thing – though they are shorter ranged, they can possibly get an Instant Death even on a Talos).

However, what swung it was the fact that the Doom Weaver could also be used as a Torrent Template weapon. So, launch Barrages at the start of the game and when it starts raining Raiders with Warriors, this thing scoots out and throws monofilament templates on them, hitting both Raider and the Warriors inside.

Just played a game against Alan’s Dark Eldar, and the Night Spinner did exactly this, with the Doom Weaver smashing a Raider and killing everyone inside (combination of the Template hit and an Explode result on a penetrating hit on the Raider itself). A lucky enough shot but even if it had done half as well, it would have been worth it. Didn’t even get to fire the Shuriken Cannon that was added.


This was another chap that got used in the battle for the first time – up to now I have been sans Warlocks and I knew this was a nasty gap in the army. I teamed him up with the Storm Guardians and, again, they were used to ambush descending Raiders (this time one filled with Trueborn). The Raider itself immobilised the Guardians’ Wave Serpent, but they were close enough to pile out and hit the Trueborn with their two Flamers and the Warlock’s Destructor. That was enough to wipe out the Trueborn on board and leave the raider on its last legs.

I need to add some more Warlocks to the force (thinking about the possibilities of putting one with a Vaul’s engine battery), but without an abundance of Guardians they are going to be limited in number.

What really needs to be done is adding a Warlock to the Windrider Jetbike squad that also currently escorts the Farseer, but I’ll hold off on that until my regular opponents start figuring out how to counter the Eldar. As it was, in the last game the Farseer had Fortune and after two Raiders (with Warriors) came down, assisted by a twin Splinter Cannon Venom, only three Jetbikes bit the dust. A nice, durable unit that one, but a little bit sick if a Warlock is added (Conceal, etc.). So, I’ll leave that one be until someone tries some sickness on me.

Then they will pay. Oh yes, they will pay…


Yeah, so I picked up some Howling Banshees cheap on eBay – and I am not sure what to do with them yet. They rock against Marines and, so long as they get the charge, will tear Incubi apart. But without an assault vehicle, their use is problematic in many games, especially when Marines and Incubi alike can be dealt with much easier with the odd Starcannon or two here and there.

Something to ponder…

Oh, and I know these guys are the old, original Banshees. I figure different style Aspect Warriors can be used to reflect different Aspect Shrines on the Altsain craftworld – I already have two units of two different styles of Dark Reaper, which follows this idea nicely. Currently on the painting table, hope to finish them next week (and then I need to figure out how to use them without cheesing it and putting them in a bunker…).


And my first Vyper Jetbike.

This guy will see a lot more use, I think, especially when he is joined by a few friends. Cheap, fast, and equipped with a Bright Lance, he will be an absolute terror against any armoured vehicles – in a squadron, he will even have enough firepower to crack jinking Dark Eldar vehicles, though he is primarily intended for anti-Marine and Guard work.


Coming Up

For the Eldar, I already have two units of Dark Reapers on the painting table, along with Maugan Ra. I also have the Avatar of Khaine and some Striking Scorpions to work on, but they are distinctly lower priority until I switch the army from shooty to choppy, which is some ways away yet.

Also on the painting table are a squad of Deathwing Knights (been there since before Christmas – half done, just haven’t mustered the will to finish them yet), a Drop Pod for the Dark Angels, and twenty Sisters of Avelorn for the High Elves.

Difficult to get excited about Dark Angels models at the moment (though that will likely change, due to a new model I recently ordered – more news on that later), as the army is currently on garrison duty (in a display cabinet at home, rather than at work where I normally play). And the Sisters… well, kinda hard getting excited about Warhammer Fantasy right now – the End Times is all well and good but with the rumours floating around about a new edition that completely changes the background of the game, you just don’t know what units will still be legal/effective and which won’t.

So, back to Eldar! I could use some more Vypers, obviously and the force is crying out for a Falcon or two. And I would not mind another Jetbike unit, just because they are a) so cheap and b) another unit will force the Deep Striking Raiders to make a choice about where they go. On the other hand, there are rumours that the Eldar will be getting new plastic Harlequins very soon, with redesigned Jetbikes. And if they redesign Jetbikes for Harlequins, it is entirely possible they will redesign them for Guardians too, which would suggest it makes sense to wait…

All these decisions!


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