Withering Fire

A new Traveller project is eating up a lot of time at the moment, so the Deathwing Knights that have been sitting on my desk since before Christmas received little more than a couple of new details on their shields this weekend. But! I did manage to polish off a couple of Dark Reaper units for my Eldar.


Again, these were models from the older range from eBay, and I picked them up for a song – averaging £2 per unit, which has to be good going for this much fire power.


Will they see action soon? Not sure. Unlikely to have both units on the table in the average game, that is for certain. They are very expensive to field (30 points each) and despite their heavy armour, are all too vulnerable to either heavy weapons or ranks of small arms. They also need to be deployed just right or be given their own Wave Serpent.

The unit just above, for example, weighs in at 180 points, which is a tad more than, say, a Crimson Hunter flyer or is pretty much what my Jetbike unit costs. On the other hand, they are kicking out 12 dice of Strength 5 fire, AP 3, up to 48″ inches away. Against my regular Dark Eldar opponent… seems a bit much. They could rip a large Incubi unit apart in one round of shooting, but I would have to ensure the Incubi fell out of their transport in exactly the right place and dedicating one unit to destroy another that costs about the same? Bit of a false economy.

Then again, they do have their lovely rangefinders which ignore all Jinking, and suddenly the Dark Eldar’s Armour 10 and 11 vehicles look extremely vulnerable. Stick these guys in cover on some elevated scenery (especially ruins) and the Dark Eldar player has to think very carefully about where he goes. This unit would be fully capable of neutralising a squad every turn (Dark Eldar without their vehicles are just so much fodder).

Still, a very expensive way of doing things. Might have to look into building an Eldar version of a Bastion…


Now, this guy might make a little more sense, with his Split Fire, Precision Shots and all the other gubbins that Maugan Ra comes with. However, he is nearly 200 points himself, I would never drop a Farseer to take him, and he needs a squad to go around with. Putting him with a bunch of Dark Reapers (brushing an eye-watering 350 points combined – or two Crimson Hunters, one of which could be an Exarch) is a nice idea but I do not think they would make their points up against Dark Eldar.

Now, against Sandrine’s Space Wolves or James’ Ultramarines, ah, there is a different story. I have faced Dark Reapers with a Marine army in the past and know just how utterly lethal they are against anything with 3+ armour. The sickness will begin…

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a picture of all the new additions to the Eldar army combined.



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