Sisters of Avelorn

I mentioned the Fish Pile in my last post – these are the final models that were taking up room on my painting table, ten Sisters of Avelorn for my High Elf army.


As it turned out, there was really no reason for them to be in the Fish Pile – once I got properly started, they turned out to be relatively easy to do. The biggest challenge was figuring out where the pinkness should go and, in the end, the bows seemed the logical place.

I need to do at least another 8 of these girls (to make up a unit three ranks of six), but that is no longer the bear I was dreading. Already go the models, will piece them together ASAP and get them done at a fairly rapid pace.


The main driving force for getting this unit completed is that the chaps (Alan, Amy, Ed and James) are starting a WHFB campaign in a few days time, using the Mighty Empires hex campaign. I was more than happy to dive into this, as I figured it would get me looking at different aspects of my High Elves, especially as we are starting with 500 point games (some of the players are just starting their forces).

The points values will have to go up a bit before the Sisters get a look in, but they certainly seem to be an interesting unit. BS 5 (which is a much bigger deal in Fantasy than it is in 40k) means they can do some real damage at long range (shame they are not using Long Bows – I mean, what kind of Elves are they?), and the Strength 4, flaming arrows with the -1 save modifier will give me the feeling that the army is firing more than just feathers at the enemy. And at short range they will, frankly, rule.


Coming Next

As well as these girls, I managed to put together a fair few other models that I will at least get started this weekend – those hex tiles for Mighty Empires (something of a priority as we start the campaign a week Saturday), Grey Knight Dreadnought, Castellan Crowe (an interesting character, though I am not sure how to best use him yet – at least, not without an attending squad in a Land Raider), a Firestorm Redoubt (fear me, flyers!) and, the prize of the bunch, a new Sicarian Battle Tank for my Dark Angels (the Dark Eldar will fear it… oh yes, they will…).


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