Wave Serpent No. 3

I am really trying to avoid the Wave Serpent ‘spam’ that often causes people to deride Eldar armies (and after hearing about a friend going to a US tournament with six of them in an 1,850 point force, I think I am far away from that).

However, a recent battle against an unbound Space Marine army that loaded up on Whirlwinds and, more to the point, Predators, caused me to put together a third Wave Serpent. My existing two went with the fairly light Scatter Laser turrets, but they just do not cut it against armour. I needed a Bright Lance-equipped Wave Serpent.


What I am really hunting for now (by which I mean trying to find on eBay for less than £5/squad) is a unit of Fire Dragons with an Exarch. Paired up with this or another Wave Serpent, they will properly round out the anti-tank side of my Eldar and allow me to concentrate on more fun but less necessary things.

Still could use both a Falcon and a Fire Prism though…


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