Reinforcements from Titan

For once I had a successful painting weekend. I got some DVD box sites together (X-Files, Cosmos, Spooks and The Fall – the latter quite good actually, and has Gillian Anderson in it), and actually managed to get through everything I intended, most unusual.

The first job was to re-goop the Deathwing Knights I posted last week. I managed to scrape together the original wood varnish used for the Magic Goop (Ronseal instead of B&Q’s own brand – the latter is fine, but lighter in shade) and went over them again. They are still a bit light but given how old these Terminator suits are, a bit of variation throughout the company does not go amiss. In fact, the lighter shade would probably be good for all of them, had I mixed it up years ago. Still, that’s the way things go…

The main thrust for 40k though was some additions to my Grey Knights. Can’t say they really need more models (though a Land Raider would not go amiss), but a couple had been acquired and were waiting for a chance to get onto the painting table, and that chance came via a recent battle with Alan’s Dark Eldar.

In this game, the Paladins, ably led by a Librarian, had knocked a Raider out of the sky and then proceeded to wade through the Incubi and Archon that fell out of it. While successful, this left them out in the open which meant almost the entire Dark Eldar army fired into them in the next turn. Two squads of Kabalite Warriors close enough to Rapid Fire, a twin Splinter Cannon Venom, two Dark Lance-armed Ravagers, plus two more Dark Lances from the Warrior squads.

When the smoke cleared, two Paladins had fallen and the Librarian had sustained a wound.

Impressive enough, but I could not help feeling it would have been a bit more, umm, heroic if an Apothecary had been present and, in the new Codex, Apothecaries are actually a decent cost.


Note the Apothecary on the far right 🙂

I also added an Incinerator-armed Paladin, to give me some choice and variation in the squad and a leader (he with the tabard), just in case I am ever mad enough to field two squads of Paladins (presumably in a 2,000 or 3,000 point game…).

The sharp-eyed among you may spot there are only four Paladins in this picture and there are five in a box. Well, I have got a Knight carrying a Brotherhood Banner all painted up (figured the +1 A to all Knights in his squad would be fun) but I am going to have to muster up the motivation to do the banner itself – a nice, complicated design, and a topic for a post in the future…


I am not massively into special characters (the Dark Angels may be something of an exception there), but I managed to grab Castellan Crowe cheaply on eBay, so he got thrown into this batch of Grey Knights. He has not come out too bad, I think, but I am really not sure where he will get used. He is all kinds of awesome in a challenge, but how to get him there? He cannot Deep Strike with the Terminators, which means if he is going to have a chance of getting into close combat he needs a vehicle, and an assault one at that – which means a Land Raider, probably a Redeemer. Which I do not have for my Grey Knights. He will also need a squad to back him up, which probably means Purifiers, and now things are getting a little expensive to get just one model into close combat.

Needs thought.


And then there is this chap, a Doomglaive Dreadnought, using Forge World parts to modify a normal Marine Dread. As with most Forge World items it seems a little pricey at 190 points, but I had cause to sit down and compare it with the standard Dreadnought in the Codex.

If you upgrade the Codex Dreadnought as much as you can, like-for-like, you end up with a Venerable Dreadnought with an Assault Cannon and Heavy Flamer at 180 points. So, in those terms, for just 10 points more, you get an Incinerator instead of the Heavy Flamer (+1 S), a Psycannon instead of an Assault Cannon (+1 S again) and the Doomglaive – acts as a normal dreadnought close combat (nasty enough) but if you choose to strike at Initiative 1, you get an extra D6 attacks.

Certainly worth thinking about and, on the face of it, seems like a good deal.

However, 190 points also buys you a seriously tricked out Dreadknight. 190 points for this Dreadnought is a little tough to justify, especially as the Grey Knights do not have Drop Pods and so it cannot Deep Strike.

If I had a free choice of Dreadnought (and, to be fair, I did, I just wanted to paint up a ‘specialised’ Grey Knights Dreadnought), then I would be thinking in terms of twin-linked Lascannon so it can get stuck in with long-ranged targets from Turn One – and do so quite cheaply.

This Dreadnought will have to be used very carefully.


Now, all of the above alone would have made for a successful weekend – but I also managed to get a fair amount done for Warhammer Fantasy too. I’ll be covering that in the next post…


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