Mighty Empires Campaign

I had forgotten how quickly vehicles can be painted up, regardless of their size. Last night I had a lazy evening but, even so, I was able to get the majority of my new Sicarian Battle Tank done – would have been completed if not for drying time, so expect so news on Dark Angels reinforcements later this week!

Anyway, onto the meat of this post.

First up, I managed to get quite a bit done last weekend and as well as my Grey Knights (last post), I managed to polish off some more High Elves.


I have had the ten Swordmasters from the Island of Blood box set for quite some time and while they are nice (two Attacks each, Great Weapons with Always Strike First – what is not to like?), a mere ten is never really enough, especially in a 2,000 point game. The trouble is, everyone likes Swordmasters so picking more up cheaply on eBay can be an issue. In fact, it took me nearly a year, but I finally picked up a bundle for less than a fiver, enough to pad the unit out to 20 elves. That is a bit more realistic for a durable unit that can kick out the attacks.

They were metal but, as you can see in the photo, they are difficult to pick out from the plastics (especially if you put the newer models up front).

Quite pleased with how this unit has turned out, almost makes me look as if I am not completely useless at painting! Now I just need to get another 20 Swordmasters together for the cheesefest horde unit!


I also did this chap, the Lothern Sea Helm that came with the Sky Cutter (which is currently sitting on the painting table, waiting its own turn). It is nice that you get these characters in with kits like that, and this chap is nicely posed (as are a lot of the new plastic High Elf characters) but I really do not need yet another Hero or Lord in my High Elf army. Even with the new Heroes and Lord allowances that come from the End Times revisions, I cannot even begin to field all my characters in an army. Need more archers!

Still, the ability to get my Sea Guard to turn around to face flank attacks might be interesting, and lower level Heroes like this chap may just get a look in because…


The Mighty Empires Campaign

Some of the chaps here have decided to do a Warhammer Fantasy campaign, and I thought it would be a whizz-o-whizz idea to use the Mighty Empires set as the basis for this. So, I duly picked one up and last weekend, alongside these elves and the Grey Knights, I painted up an entire Mighty Empires board!


Not the most interesting painting project but it should be worthwhile once we start playing. I’ll keep track of this campaign (we start this Saturday) and I have added a Battle Reports section to this site so you can see what happened in the most exciting games. Hopefully I will use it for other games too!

Anyway, on Saturday this map will have our initial cities and flags placed upon it, and hopefully we can get through a couple of rounds of the campaign. We are starting with 500 point forces, as some of the players are only just starting Warhammer, which is a real problem for High Elves. However, despite doubts from the others at my ability to do so, I have managed to figure a way to squeeze a Noble on a Griffon in a 500 point force and still have three full units on the table. Not easy for High Elves!

More news on my force later (at least one of the other players reads this, and there must be some secrets!), but this is the current line up of armies;

Me – High Elves
Alan – Vampire Counts
Amy – Skaven
Ed – Chaos Warriors
James – Wood Elves

Now, Elven intelligence on these armies is sketchy at the moment, but I know Alan has abandoned his ideas of having two Necromancers in his army, or of making one a level 4 (a few test games where his general miscast and immolated himself, thus destroying the whole army put paid to that). He has also been talking about modest blocks of Skeletons and Zombies, flanked by Graveguard and Ghouls – need to be careful of the Graveguard but then, that is what the Sisters of Avelorn were created to defeat.

Ed, it seems, has a unit of Nurgle Chaos Warriors (5 or 10 men, I am guessing), a Chariot (maybe carrying his General?) and Warhounds. The Chaos Warriors need respect, not sure about the life expectancy of the Chariot against either Elf army.

Not sure what rats Amy is taking. I know she has Stormfiends and a Verminlord in her collection but the latter can’t appear and the former only in very small numbers. Also, her test games have not gone well with regards to war machines. Or break tests, for that matter.

James has had a test game against Alan that I watched – typical Wood Elf bumpkin tactics, bringing their trees with them. Let them eat Griffon, I say. However, he does have a singular ability to make 5+ armour saves. Just have to make sure he does not get an armour save, I suppose…

As I say, our first games are on Saturday, I’ll bring an update of the first round of battles!


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