Down in the Jungle, Something Stirred…

Been toying with the idea of a new army for 40k – with Dark Angels, Imperial Knights and Grey Knights flying about (and a possibility of Flesh Tearers), it seemed logical to take a crack at the Imperial Guard.

Of course, I could not just do a ‘normal’ Guard regiment (Cadians), so inspired by a stack of Vietnam movies I have gone for Catachans – a little bit easier to pick up these days than, say, Valhallans or Tallarn, but GW seem to be phasing them out so I am heavily reliant on eBay. Which is how I like it, to be honest. Between eBay and a great find at Vapnartak’s bring & buy, I have about 70-odd Catachans, though I am woefully under-equipped when it comes to special and heavy weapons. Still, get the core troops done first and worry about the rest later.

This weekend, I painted up four of the chaps to get an idea of how they would end up looking.


These actually represent my second attempt, as I had trouble settling on the right green for their uniforms. In the end, logically enough, I ended up with Coat d’Arms Olive paint (very close to Catachan Green, which does call into question why I did not go for that straight away) for their uniforms and Dark Angels Green for their guns and webbing. Bandannas are Russet Red (Blood Red would be too bright for the jungle, I figured).

I spent some time pondering the bases, and was going to go with green – until it hit me that the floor of a jungle is not exactly flush with grass. In the end, I have gone for a very similar scheme as my Dark Angels and Grey Knights, with a base coat of Chestnut Brown on sand, drybrushed a very light brown.

The difference is the base rim is black rather than Bestial Brown (trying to put across the jungle being a darker place) and I used ‘dead grass’ in patches rather than the more vibrant living grass I use on the other armies. As you can see, on some models I will also be putting vegetation cropped from fish tank displays on the bases to properly get across the jungle feel – I will really be going to town on this with models that have larger bases, such as the heavy weapons teams, but the core infantry will have at least a smattering.

You can see a couple of these guys have arm bands, which I have done brown – I’ll be switching to black for the rest, as that will have better definition, I think.

I already have the rest of the guys of this squad pretty much painted up and hope to finish them this week (just need final black work and bases doing), and I have the rest of the platoon already lined up on the painting table.

I am currently thinking the core army will have two platoons, plus support. One platoon anchoring the table with perhaps a squadron of Leman Russ tanks, with the ‘air cav’ coming in on Valkyries and a Vendetta – really going to push the Vietnam feel (as I said, I have the DVDs already lined up, both factual and fiction – plus the very best source material of all, the complete Tour of Duty series!).

Not rushing to get this army done by any means, and there are other projects waiting in the wings – more Reavers for my High Elves, a Dreadnought Drop Pod and more Scout Bikes for the Dark Angels, both the Deathwing and Grey Knights could use a Land Raider or two, and I have a little collection of Blood Angels models tucked away for a rainy day (the aforementioned Flesh Tearers). Plus I want to get into some Judge Dredd and Bolt Action in the near future.

Now is a good time to be a tabletop gamer!


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