They Are Here! Codex: Star Wars

It took a long time (may not be using that particular printers again, but they are finally here – the final printed versions of the Star Wars/40k Codexes!


The ones I pictured before were just  prototypes – these are the final versions with proper binding and spot UV laminated covers (that is the process by which the lead character on the cover is glossy and the background matt, just like official 40k Codexes). Doesn’t really show up in these photos but they look spectacular in real life.

So, what next for this project? Well, given the amount of time it has taken to get this far, a little rest is in order! I also have about 97 other projects all demanding attention at the moment, so Star Wars is going to take a back seat for a little while.

However, the next obvious step would be to do Codexes for the Old Republic and Separatists, allowing us to fight out the Clone Wars (it is not as if I don’t have enough of the old WotC models to do that era justice too). There is also the possibility of Codex supplements, mini-Codexes and Dataslates, much as Games Workshop do with their own ranges. A Dataslate on force users in general or perhaps the Sith could be fun, and Codex: Bounty Hunters would be all kinds of awesome as an Allied force for, well, anyone who can pay.

And what about Codex: Ewoks or Codex: Gungans?

The possibilities are endless…


5 Responses to “They Are Here! Codex: Star Wars”

  1. mark lucas Says:

    Awesome how do you buy and what miniatures ?

  2. altsain Says:

    I use WotC’s old Star Wars range (went a bit made when they were released and bought them by the legion :)). You can see the minis we used in the other Star Wars posts.

    I am afraid I cannot sell these books – the legal departments of GW, WotC and Disney would all jump on my head and go cock-a-doodle-doo!

    • WargamingReconPodcast Says:

      Are you allowed/willing/able/will you give away the contents or somehow distribute/disseminate them in a legally acceptable method that people like Mr. mark lucas and myself could obtain their contents?

      I ask as a fellow Star Wars fanatic but also as the host of the Wargaming Recon podcast. My show discusses historical and New England gaming. These would definitely fit into New England gaming once I used them for the Extra Life 24hr Game-a-thon I participate in each year to help raise funds for Boston Children’s Hospital.

  3. kingofturves Says:

    Will you upload copies to scribD or some other site?
    Whilst you can not sell them, due to trademarks.
    It is possible to distribute pdf’s and such so long as you do not try to make any money off of it.
    Releasing them to the public domain.

  4. david Says:

    Hi, i’m interestting codex starwars ^^ where sell or download copy¿¿ best regards from spain

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