Dark Angels 10th Company

This weekend, I managed to finish off something that I have been working on for, oh, a good few years now – I finally painted up the two Scout Bikers I needed to complete the entire 1oth Company of Dark Angels.


At some point, I’ll pull them out of the cabinet for a proper photo shoot but it is Monday morning and there are a hundred of them – so give me a break!

I figured that an 8:2 split between bikers and guys on foot was reasonable, with a decent mix of weaponry among the infantry.


I was going to put a jump pack on the Chaplain of the company to reflect the mobility of the scouts, but I already had a jump pack on the 3rd company’s Chaplain and did not want the repetition. For the Master of the Scouts, I used a very handy old 40k model from the Rogue Trader days, complete with robes – he is not as heavily built as the other Masters, again suggesting a lightness across the whole company.


I really need to add some Land Speeder Storms, I am thinking three or four, but the actual scouts are now all done – 100 of them! Now, at this point, if you are familiar with 40k, you might be wondering why someone would do the entire Scout company of a chapter and why would they include bikes and soon Land Speeder Storms if the Dark Angels Codex does not allow them.

Well, to answer the first, it is possible that I am completely mad. As to the second, I have an idea to use the Scouts as an Allied detachment using Codex: Space Marines. Not sure what size game it would have to be for this to become realistic, but the idea is there! I have not given the Space Marines Codex a good look yet, so I am not sure what funky bits to give these guys, but that will provide some mid-week reading.

I managed to get a fair bit more done this weekend, but I’ll save that for another post.


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