Psychic Support

Another little item that got finished this weekend, and one well over due – a Warlock on a Jetbike for the Altsain Craftworld…


Like the Farseer on Jetbike I did a while back, this chap came from Chapterhouse Studios and, like the Farseer, is intended to support my unit of 9 (11 with the two psykers) Windrider Jetbike riders.

Every Warlock gets Conceal, which could be interesting if there is a nasty AP weapon coming in to the Jetbikes, but what I will really be after is the Protect/Fortune combo (ahem, sorry, synergy) between Warlock and Farseer which will take the Jetbikes to an Armour save of 2+ which can, of course be re-rolled (and can shrug off even Battle Cannon quite nicely). With the ability to re-roll their Jink saves as well, the Windriders will really just have a weakness to close combat and I intend to keep them well away from the enemy.

You can’t rely on getting both powers, of course, but there is plenty the Warlock can do to help the Windriders out otherwise.

Reveal: Remove nasty, nasty cover saves from an enemy unit (and, of course, stopping them from Jinking Рnice for lightly armoured skimmer targets)

Destructor/Renewer: If an enemy somehow manages to retain a cover save, the template Destructor will sort that out – otherwise, Renewer can keep the Farseer in the game for a few more turns if he gets shot.

Embolden/Horrify: Not planning on getting this unit shot up too much, but Embolden is always useful for keeping them in place. However, Horrify has some interesting potential, especially if it is linked to other units in the army that cause, say, pinning. Also useful to convince the enemy to run after a vicious Shuriken Cannon attack.

Enhance/Drain: If a mistake is made, these could help the Windriders survive a close combat but, really, it is better used draining an enemy about to be charged by another Eldar unit.

Protect/Jinx: Already covered Protect, but Jinx could be interesting as some enemies will suddenly become vulnerable to a wider range of Eldar weaponry…

Quicken/Restrain: Probably the bottom ‘choice’ but it could be used to keep an enemy in place.

Empower/Enervate: Again, more close combat-led, and the obvious answer is to nerf an enemy about to charge. However, by boosting the Strength of the Jetbike riders, a lot of enemy vehicles suddenly become vulnerable to a close combat attack (assuming they survive the hail of shuriken fire into their rear armour…).


So, a lot to experiment with and just a single model to give all those new options. Looking forward to trying this one out!


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