1st Platoon, 3rd Company, 32nd Catachan

last weekend was quite productive, as this week’s posts show – managed to get quite a bit polished off, including these guys – my first complete(ish) platoon of Catachan Imperial Guard Astra Militarum.


Had some fun with these guys, painting them up while watching various Vietnam films – and when they ran out, I started on the old TV series, Tour of Duty!


As you can see, some effort went into the bases, mainly by the chopping up of various plastic plants from a fish shop (they might be called aquariums), left-overs from my jungle terrain.

This platoon is completely unoptimised, with me just painting up what models I scavenged on eBay, but I am gradually filling in the gaps so there will be some changes here with different special and heavy weapons. The basic plan is to have one platoon on the ground in my deployment zone, and have another mounted on Valkyries and Vendettas, streaking across the table Air-Cav style!

Can’t help thinking that the casualty rate for units like that in 40k will be horrendous…


A close up of the Platoon Command Squad. Again, nothing awesomely special (yet), but every squad has a comms pack and for the Lieutenant I went with the cigar-chewing, Bolter-armed model. It works well.


I did not stop there though, and also managed to polish off these guys, a Veteran Squad called Sandler’s Serpents. No plans to use them in the first ‘build’ of this army yet, but I had the models spare and wanted to play around with them. To make them look more ‘veteran-ie’ I picked out the models that were a bit unusual or had some conversion work already done to them – the guy with the axe, some models with some (very weird-looking) shotguns, there is a guy there with a cybernetic eye, etc… I also painted their bandannas green rather than the platoon red, which makes them look immediately different (I figured the veterans would go with a no-nonsense colour). Finally, I had a much higher proportion of models with added terrain on their bases.


One thing that did occur to me while taking these photos is that, for an army based on the US forces in Vietnam, it is looking mighty white, as they say. That will change in the next platoon when I will start mixing things up.

Did get one final model done;


I quite like this model, and it is the one that started getting me excited about doing Catachan. I cannot take the credit for most of the terrain on the base, as that is how it came from eBay, but I will be copying it for my other heavy weapons teams.

IMG_0612 IMG_0613

Wonder if I can convince my opponents that I should always get a Cover save with these guys, as they bring their own cover with them…


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