Fortifying the Imperium

We had a painting day this weekend (where a bunch of us roll up to the office to, well, paint stuff – the idea is you get motivated by everyone else, and it works) and, as we are currently prepping for a Fantasy Battle Mighty Empires campaign this weekend, I naturally got went to work on some fortifications for 40k.

Actually, all I did was bring the bulk of my remaining Fish Pile, and tried to clear it. Didn’t quite complete everything, but that is another story.

Anyway, the first thing I completed was this, an old Forge World turret carrying a Heavy Bolter.


They do not do this model any more, and it can get quite pricey on eBay, but I saw this one going for a song at Vapnartak earlier this year on their bring and buy, and snapped it up for £8. The base it was mounted on was way to large (and square, for my tastes), but a quick bit of sawing and chamfering sorted it out.


Painting, frankly, nothing is easier. The turret/bunker itself was drybrushed Codex Grey, and had a few details picked out like the skulls and eagles. The base was sanded, and painted brown to match my new Catachan Imperial Guard Astra Militarum.


The last touch I did at home. With a base that large, I could really go to town with the junglisation of the base, making it look like the kind of bunker that would be hidden in a jungle, ready to open fire on an unwary patrol. Nothing more than lichen from model railways and choice items from aquariums. I like this kind of model – deceptively little effort, but  it ends up looking really good, if I say so myself!


I am going to have to dig around the old Imperial Armour books for the stats on this thing, as it is no longer supported but, as I recall, it was 50 points, Armour 14 all round, BS 3 and mounted with a twin-linked Heavy Bolter. Nothing too scary, and it can easily be slid into the Fortifications slot of a Guard army. Just want to use the model, really!


This was not the only fortification that got done – a short while ago I picked up the Wall of Martyrs Redoubt for cheap on eBay.


I have an idea that, some day, I will be able to put together a whole fortress for Imperial forces but it is a slow (and pricey!) affair. The Redoubt is not the best choice to begin, as it is 200 points and really is for anti-aircraft work (though it does that very effectively) but, for the price, I could not argue. In ‘normal’ games, it can function as a very expensive bunker with the added benefit that no enemy flyer will appear for long.


More to come from the painting day, but I will save that for other posts, plus I have also taken pictures of an ‘aborted’ army – you will be able to easily see why it was aborted!


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