Serious Anti-Tank

While my regular opponent Alan may well disagree, my Eldar have been lacking serious anti-tank capabilities for a while now. The odd Bright Lance has popped up here and there among the current units, but I have been hankering after some serious destructive power for a while – and eBay is always your friend there. So, I picked up these chaps;


Five Fire Dragons can be had for, frankly, a song on eBay, and it is difficult to criticise what are effectively five Meltaguns on guys who can actually shoot straight. In fact, I liked them so much and they were so cheap, that I got hold of these guys too;


For the record, this second squad is, I think, painted much better – nothing to do with skill (of course), it is just how things turned out! These guys obviously have an Exarch with them as well who will be a real terror to anything with armour with his longer ranged Fire Pike and two-shot Exarch Power.

The fun things about this squad is that it works against any one. Imperial Guard and Marine tanks are the obvious targets, sure, but as each guy has a Strength 8 AP 1 Melta weapon, multiple Terminators get hosed down just as well. At the other end of the spectrum, they have enough shots between them (more than enough) to tackle Dark Eldar vehicles and the AP 1 means that a penetrating hit will explode a Raider or Ravager 50% of the time.

Doing some quick maths on that, you have six guys firing, one at BS 5 with two shots – call that five (may be closer to six, but we’ll stick with five) hits. Two fail to penetrate, and the target jinks. Either one or two shots on average will penetrate, and as we rounded down earlier, we can round up here to the two shots. 50% chance of a boom result = one dead skimmer every turn. If they get close enough to be rolling two dice for penetration, frankly it matters little whether they are shooting at a light skimmer or Land Raider…

Delivery is going to be a factor for these guys, and I suspect a Wave Serpent is not the most efficient method of doing it (though in larger games a unit of ten of these guys jumping out of a transport could be just plain rude…). I am thinking a Falcon is the way to go, with its own anti-tank capability thrown into the mix.

Fortunately, eBay supplied one of those this week…


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