Legacies of Glory: Predator

While the ‘classic’ Rogue Trader-style plastic vehicles are somewhat in vogue for 30k players at the moment, I would normally not look twice at them. However, my Dark Angels force is, umm, rather large, and variety is always good. So, when I saw a Mk I Predator going very cheaply on eBay, I got the idea to make it a very old tank, and stick a Legacy of Glory on it from the current Imperial Armour 2 book.

I have played around with these before, but only on the Sicarian – it, being a very old design of tank, seems a perfect fit. However, putting a Legacy of Glory on a ‘current’ vehicle? Just seems wrong, at least without making it look a lot different.

So, I grabbed this older tank, with the idea of sticking loads of Dark Angels iconography all over it (and removing the Rogue Trader-era Heavy Bolter that had been stuck on the cupola), and seeing how far that got me. The results are here…


I was lucky enough to have the Forge World Dark Angels transfer sheet arrive at pretty much the same time, and took advantage of some of the new details on that, particularly the short prayers/mottoes. Lots of purity seals, a big book and a little Dark Angel on top finished the job. That, and it being based on a Mk I Predator chassis, makes it look sufficiently different to qualify as a Legacy of Glory, I think…


So, what Legacy to put on it?

Well, those that give special rules against specific armies are out – I don’t generally fight against those armies.

The War of Murder upgrade gives the Predator the Monster Hunter rule – interesting when fighting against a Dark Eldar Talos, but the granting of Fearless to nearby troops is not brilliant for Dark Angels (if we are not Fearless, we are Stubborn). Still, only 20 points, so remains a possibility.

The Battle of Sarosh gives one vehicle, once per game, Interceptor, Skyfire, Tank Hunter and Night Vision – a nice surprise for 30 points, but of limited use on this vehicle. Much better suited to the Sicarian (which, ahem, is exactly what I did…).

Schism of Mars gives it Tank Hunter and a 4+ ward (effectively) against Haywire effects, plus a benefit against Daemons which will never get used, all for 25 points. Re-rolling Lascannon and Autocannon penetration against Dark Eldar vehicles and guarding against their Haywire? Hmm, we might just have a winner…

Battle of Terra grants It Will Not Die. Now, that is a very nice upgrade but it is 40 points (a substantial percentage of a basic Predator), and I am not sure a light tank really benefits from the rule. Still, something to consider.

Icon of Glory – this gives a +1 bonus to BS (making this the Tank of Ever-Hitting Lascannon and Autocannon), but costs a whopping 50 points and grants the enemy a bonus VP if it is destroyed. If you want to see your Predator destroyed every single game, this is the one to go for, but is otherwise best put on something else, I think (a Land Raider Achilles springs to mind, or maybe a Terminus Ultra…).

Shrouded Provenance effectively makes the Predator venerable. As a Dark Angel player, this is less exciting than for others as all our Deathwing vehicles already have this. It is also unfriendly to allied troops and, given that it costs more than a Deathwing vehicle upgrade, I’ll be giving it a miss.

And that is it for the Legacies suitable for a Predator. The Schism of Mars legacy (Tank Hunter and anti-Haywire) is probably the front runner here. Battle of Terra (It Will Not Die) is relatively sexy as a choice but will be hard to justify the cost. Something to play around with if I can keep the Predator from getting squashed in a single turn. Icon of Glory is probably something that should only appear in Apocalypse games when the Predator is part of a squadron (where it can hide behind its mates).

Time for some experimenting!


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