Darkening the Skies

So, we had another painting day this weekend (and, again, I completely forgot to take photos of the actual event – maybe next time) though, inevitably, I did not get everything done that I wanted. Fish Pile is much smaller though.

What I did get done is elves. A lot of elves. Starting with these guys.


We are currently playing another Mighty Empires-based campaign (report coming after the next round, in a couple of weeks) and after messing around with a unit of 30 Archers, I decided the one thing that would make them better is more Archers. So I got myself another unit up and running.

Now what I am thinking is a BIG block of 60-odd Archers, along with a Battle Standard Bearer carrying the Banner of the World Dragon. 2+ save against magic arrows while these guys advance and pummel their opposite numbers with their return fire? Hello Wood Elves…




The real firepower comes in the form of these girls though, the Sisters of Avelorn. There may only be 18 of them in this unit, but the BS of 5 means they rarely miss (on average 3 of them will miss when shooting something really big at long range – like, say, a Treeman or Hell Pit Abomination…), the BS 6 High Sister leading them has a bow that fires three shots a turn, and they can pretty much finish off any heavy cavalry that deploys in small units with a single salvo.


I have a feeling these girls will be a permanent fixture in my force.


Not to be outdone, archers who also like horses got some reinforcements as well in the form of another 5 Reavers. They get spears and bows together but, aside from that, no other upgrades. At just 95 points per unit they are the perfect throwaway, but being fast Cavalry a lot of enemies have immense problems trying to tie them down (looking at you, Undead). With a second unit (I would never lump them altogether, that would just be a waste) I can now send one down each flank to poke and prod the enemy, and hopefully get behind their lines to cause havoc among war machines and wizards.

Work is very heavy at the moment, but I have another squad of Catachans sitting on my desk just needing their bases complete, along with more heavy weapons which I can go to town on with the vegetation – piccies of those should pop up this week.


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