Yeah, I might get a little toasting for this, but I added a new unit to the Eldar this weekend – a Wraithknight and yes, it is armed with two heavy distortion cannon.



There are people reading this who will laugh me off the Internet, but I actually have concerns for this chap’s survivability – Armour 3+ and 6 wounds is not going to be all that on a table dominated with the likes of Lascannon and Dark Lances, but we’ll see how he goes!

I already have in mind to get a second Wraithknight (hear me out before you throw things!), but this time armed with the Scattershield and Ghostglaive. To my immediate mind, it makes no good sense to take two ranged D weapons off a model and replace them with an invulnerable save (5+, nice, but nothing to sing about) and a close combat D weapon. However, I love the idea of this big model pegging it towards the enemy as quickly as possible – it is going to take a disciplined opponent to not fire everything he can at it and focus on objectives instead.

I also got round to putting together some of the new Jetbikes, both Craftworld and Harlequin – they go together really nicely (no more hollowness under the canopy, they have flat bottoms) and GW is right – you can see the close relationship between the two in terms of construction. Looking forward to getting a lick of paint on them!

Managed to get some other pieces done, including a few things I have been meaning to get round to for a long while – will cover them in posts later this week!


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