Ravenwing Landspeeders

Finally got round to doing something I had been meaning to do for a couple of years (at least) – more Landspeeders for my Ravenwing.

I have had a little clutch of these vehicles from the start but I have always been meaning to explore their weapon options (especially as Dark Angels can have five in a squadron, rather than the normal three). Most of my current Speeders are the ‘standard’ Heavy Bolter/Assault Cannon type, and they work well, often an addition to my armies. I also have a couple with Heavy Bolters only and one with a single Multi-melta.


I kicked off with this guy, another equipped with a single Heavy Bolter – so far, so standard, really just there to put some padding into a large squadron if I work up the nerve to use one (they can get expensive, points-wise, very quickly).


This was the first I really got cracking on – twin Multi-Meltas, a breeze at 80 points (as I recall, Codex not with me right now). Deep strikes onto the table, lets loose with two Multi-Melta shots, good chance of popping a tank immediately, and capable of doing reasonable damage against a super-heavy vehicle in one turn (though, granted, it will probably be Jinking for the rest of the game as the enemy tries to hunt it down!).


This one goes in the opposite direction – two Heavy Flamers, designed for serious anti-infantry work, and at 60 points a real steal. However, you will note that it has purity seals (more on the other side), prayers/slogans, and has been titled Vindictus. I felt those additions could justify the Isstvan V Legacy of Glory which, for an extra 20 points, means it never scatters when it deep strikes. Cue lots of shenanigans where it can be placed exactly in the right place for maximum effect. Yesterday, Vindictus took part in a 2,000 pointer against Dark Eldar (battle report: We Won), where it toasted Kabalite Warriors as they rode around in Raiders and, at one point, managed to get both a Raider and a Venom with one attack. Dark Eldar do not tend to react too well to Heavy Flamers…

It also occurred to me (and yes, this should have come to mind immediately) that Vindictus makes the perfect leader for an entire squadron, as it can drop without scattering, and the rest of the Land Speeders form up upon it, rather than having to scatter round the table.

Anyway, for these points and this utility, I can see these two latter Speeders getting a lot of service (currently taking bets that the new forthcoming Dark Angel Codex takes these weapon options out…). I have a couple more sitting on my desk right now, all built aside from the weapon fits and as soon I get suitable parts in my bits box, they will be following these guys.



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