Big Guns

This week’s painting is wrapped up with a nice, big model and a new addition to the Imperial Knights – a Knight Crusader.


When the new kit came out, I grabbed a couple of boxes and the first just had to be a Crusader with lots of guns! I resisted the impulse of putting a Meltagun in place of the Heavy Stubber (this Knight really should not be getting close to the enemy) and went with Battle Cannon/Gatling Cannon/Missile Pod for some serious area denial work.

Incidentally, if you are looking at these new box sets, you can make up a missile pod (one of two variants) and the anti-aircraft mount, one of which can be placed on another Knight as they just plug into the hole on the top; so one of my Paladins is now sporting some AAA. With just a tiny dab of blue-tac that is hidden by the weapon itself, you can continually swap these carapace weapons between Knights (the blue-tac is necessary as the ‘pin’ that the weapon uses is not long enough to be stable on its own and you don’t want weapons rolling off your Knights mid-battle).

I have not built the second Knight yet but I think I will go with a Warden-class – you can never have too many Gatling Cannon and I really want a Knight with a fist that can start throwing things around the battlefield. The all-close-combat-weapon Gallant I am not so sure about, especially as I already have a Castigator which probably does the job just as well and looks way better.


High and Dark

Two wizards from different sides of the same coin – a High Elf Wizard and a Dark Elf Sorceress…


I painted up the High Elf Wizard because, well, you can never have too many Wizards in a High Elf army. Specifically, I only had one on foot before this chap came along, and having low level bods strewn through infantry units is always helpful (especially as I have recently discovered the Convergence spell under the Lore of Heavens – very nice on units of Archers).

The Sorceress is present to help lead my new Dark Elves (beginning to look worryingly like a new army, rather than just an allied contingent…), and is a favourite model of mine. Last painted this Sorceress years ago as a converted Dark Eldar Archon (works well), but this is the first time I have done Dark Elves.

Flamingos at Six O’Clock!

Well, these guys are guaranteed to wake you up on a quiet Tuesday morning!


Continuing my Masque of the Dark Night mob of Harlequins, I polished off some Skyweaver Jetbikes, edging ever closer to some usable formations for this force.

As I said previously, my theme for this army is to have every unit inspired by the colours of a villain from Batman but, with a troupe currently in progress to match Poison Ivy, I am beginning to run out of the ‘obvious’ ones. However, Google is your friend in such instances, and I tracked down a minor villain known as the Flamingo. Even better, he rides a bike – perfect!

Pink is always going to work well for Harlequins, the grey trousers are a good counterbalance to that brightness, and the yellow flashes have come out well, I think. A touch of silver on the bikes to suggest chrome, and they were done!

As I said, I am currently working on a second troupe who will mirror Poison Ivy, along with another Shadowseer who will be done in the tones of Mr Freeze.  After that, it gets a bit trickier but I figure I need just three more; a third Troupe, another set of Jetbikes and a squadron of Voidweavers.

Suggestions appreciated!

Forces of Naggaroth

I guess it was inevitable – after picking Malekith as the Eternity King to lead my End Times elf army, I just had to do some Dark Elf ‘friends’ for him. Currently taking bets as to whether this will turn into a full army…

These are just a couple of units I picked up for as little money as possible on eBay, so no real ‘optimising’ of unit equipment.


Corsairs first – if I had been building them myself I would have gone for dual weapons and a Standard (the latter will be added with some new purchases), but the repeating crossbow pistols are not going to be too shabby if these guys get charged…

I kept the same paint scheme that my High Elves use, especially the pink which links the two forces together. Other than that, where High Elves are white (cloaks and tunics) the Dark Elves are black and the skin of the Dark Elves is grey. Hopefully should look good when fielded with their more noble brethren.


The other unit is one I am a bit more ex cited about, the Darkshards. Looking them over in the army list, I suspect these guys might have a good go at outshooting even Wood Elves. The Wood Elves have 6″ range on these guys and their funky arrows, but Darkshards are three quarters the price (even less if the Wood Elves go for magic arrows – which they will) and chuck out twice the number of shots. Already figured out I need a lot more of these guys if I go for a full Dark Elves army…

So, will I? Well, we have another Fantasy campaign starting soon. If I can get hold of (and paint) a decent block of Witch Elves with a Cauldron of Blood, I will more or less have a 2,000 point force, so it is a possibility…


The Bloody Hand of Khaine

I completed the Avatar of Khaine this weekend, finally – another model that was getting dangerously close to being in the fish pile. And while I am currently on a mini-drive to get Craftworld Eldar done, this model was delayed due to an identity crisis of sorts.


The problem with the Avatar has always been its role within an Eldar army. In the old Rogue Trader days it was all kinds of awesome (effectively having Following Fire in close combat so it could walk through an entire army in a turn – that is how old I am…) but as editions came and went, the foot-slogging Avatar did not keep up with the rest of the Eldar force. Now, while it can pretty much go tote-to-toe with against anything else in close combat, the issue will always be getting there without being shot to pieces. This means adjusting the Eldar taken in an army to revolve around the Avatar, and I don’t like doing that for a single model (way too much can go wrong).

I like to keep my Eldar mobile (Jetbikes, Vypers and grav tanks to the fore), so having this guy traipse along behind like a wet weekend is not going to be viable – by the time he gets anywhere useful the enemy will, hopefully, be dead anyway. And that is not a good use of his points.

The possibilities that suggest themselves are to have him wander up the table alongside a Wraith Host (already very expensive), or perhaps a foot slogging Guardian Host – still not sure how to use the latter effectively yet (effectively being the key word there, rather than just treating them as a ‘tax’). In the ideal world, you would want him supporting a Banshee assault, where they can take advantage of his buffs such as Furious Charge, which is just plain rude on something like Banshees.

Also useful against an enemy likely to come to you (Tyranids, Orks and Daemonkin, for example).

Anyway, he is finished now, but I am not expecting to use him too often…


Going back to Harlequins briefly, I finished off the Shadowseer – this one along the theme of the Penguin from Batman.


Admittedly, this one is a bit more of a stretch – you can see the grey trousers, white shirt, black jacket and purple hat shining through. The yellow of the Penguin’s waistcoat is perhaps a little over done with the tails but this is supposed to be a Shadowseer based on the Penguin, not a Penguin duplicate for 40k. I think it works and am quite happy with the results.

Thinking a little further down the line, for another Shadowseer, I think I might go with Mr Freeze – all those greys and muted blues may be a little boring for the average Harlequin but for a Shadowseer, it seems quite appropriate.

Anyway, with this guy done, along with the Death Jester, Solitaire and one Troupe, I now have access to two formations in the Codex (the Troupe, Death Jester and Solitaire as one unit, and the three characters on their own), so they may be getting some table time soon.

My next Harlequin projects will be another Troupe (done as Poison Ivy) and a unit of Skyweaver Jetbikes (does as the Flamingo).

The Eternity King

Models seem to be flying thick and fast from the painting table at the moment, long may it continue (it won’t). More Eldar and Harlequins are on the way, but I took some time out this weekend to polish off a new model for Fantasy.

There is a move afoot among our group to do a campaign based on the End Times rules, and everyone seems to be picking their main End Times character – Nagash, for example, has already been seen.

For my part, having just finished the Curse of Khaine novel, I picked Malekith to lead my Elves, in his guise as the Eternity King.


Being the Eternity King, I did him with gold armour and crimson cloak (as befits the glamour cast on him to make him more palatable to other Elves), and his sword a brilliant white. The dragon was fun to paint too. I was going to do the belly much lighter but, having shaded it, decided to leave it as is. All in all, should be suitably imposing on the battlefield!

I then hit was was, perhaps, an inevitable problem.

I decided to pick up a couple of Dark Elf units, Darkshards and Corsairs, to go with Malekith so he was not simply appearing in a swarm of High Elves. This led me to start reading the Dark Elf army book properly for the first time.

Oh, there are some nice units in that book! Which makes me think – why not do a proper Dark Elf army?

So, I am now seriously considering a brand new Dark Elf army if we do another campaign without the End Times rules (and I think we will). All I would really need to round things off would be another unit of Darkshards and a big block of Witch Elves with the Cauldron of Blood…