Rebuilding the Craftworld

So, new Codex for the Eldar. And if you want to use the new formations (and I do), some additions are needed to flesh out the requirements. This weekend, I started that process.


I need to get hold of some Vaul’s Wrath batteries for the Guardian hosts but, while I wait for some cheap ones to surface, I started work on the Windrider Host – which means Jetbikes!

I went with three squads of five to begin with, each squad focussing on a specific weapon, Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Catapults and Scatter Laser. In practice, I’ll mix these up as, contrary to what you might read on various forums, heavy weapons throughout is not the way to go – too expensive and you need some cheap fillers in a squad as these guys will get shot at.


Could not resist the new Exarch either, though I am not sure where he will fit in – the Farseer is just too useful and you do not exactly have points to go round as an Eldar player. Still, nice looking model.


First Battle

Prior to these new additions, I tried the new Codex out last Friday against Dark Eldar, cobbling formations together as best I could. Managed to get a completely legal force just using the detachment in the Codex but it was hardly optimised. The Windrider Host had just three Jetbikes in each squad, for example.

As well as the Windrider Host, I gave the Aspect Host a try (Fire Dragons, Banshees and Dark Reapers, all at BS 5), Crimson Death (oh, the foresight to get three Crimson Hunters before the Codex came out…), a Night Spinner, a Wraithknight… and at 2,000 points that was my lot!

Windrider Host: Going in at minimum points cost, this was… okay. Some Jetbikes died, the Farseer got to buzz about, nothing to write home about. One thing I will say, however, was that the new Storm psychic ability is quite tasty with a very big template.

Aspect Host: Yeah, this is all kinds of sexy. I can see so much potential with this formation though, as it turned out, the Banshees and Dragons did not get a chance to get out of their Wave Serpents. The Reapers, however, did a superb job at area denial and pretty much dictated the Dark Eldar deployment.

Crimson Death: A lot of points, and they could probably be spent on something more efficient in a more optimised force. However… wow. They all flew onto the table in turn two and completely wrecked the Dark Eldar back line (two Ravagers and a Raider gunship), and then blatted a Dark Eldar flyer out of the air (other flyers will not last long against these guys). Take this and you will own the air.

Night Spinner: Not highly rated by Eldar players generally, but I quite like this chap. Long range barrages and, if open-topped transports get too close, it can really ruin someone’s day.

Wraithknight: Caused so much terror, the Dark Eldar pretty much tried to ignore it throughout the battle. It did not earn its points (I predicted that, much like Imperial knights) but it is fun to use.

Still need to get some more bits and bobs to run Eldar ‘properly’ and I have started the (slow) process of adding Harlequins to the force. However, it is a nice army and am looking forward to getting to know it better.



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