Masque of the Dark Night

I picked up some Harlequins when the new releases came out but shied away from actually doing anything with them, mainly due to my mediocre painting skills. All those stripes and diamond checking? That was not going to happen. Then I hit upon an idea…


While not a fan of batman by any means, I was faintly aware of a villain called Harley Quinn – and her costume seemed simple enough while getting the idea of Harlequins across. So, my first troupe has been based on her, complete with transport. They use her colours, while retaining the wraithbone weapons all my Eldar have.


I then started thinking… could I do an entire masque based on villains from Batman? Would be interesting.

Poison Ivy seemed an obvious choice, her two tone green and bright orange working well for another troupe, and the Solitaire just had to be the Joker. It was at this point I started to flag with this theme as an awful lot of villains in Batman are just, well, black and grey or just plain monotone (the Riddler, for example). However, resisting the idea to incorporate villains from the Marvel universe (which would have made this very easy), I hit the Internet and started to look up all the villains that have appeared in Batman, great and low.


The next troupe I put together will be Poison Ivy, as I say, and I am already most of the way through the Joker/Solitaire.

I figure I can do something with the Penguin for the Shadowseer, maybe Doctor Freeze for a second one.

That still leaves one more Troupe, two lots of Jetbikes and at least one squadron of Voidweavers that need a scheme. For the Jetbikes, I found a villain called Flamingo who had a motorbike himself – and a bright pink bike will work very well for Harlequins.

So, still got some work to do, but I have enough to be getting on with.

That just left the Death Jester. Could it be there is a Batman villain who is done up as Death but whose uniform is not just black? It runs out there is – the Reaper.




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