The Eternity King

Models seem to be flying thick and fast from the painting table at the moment, long may it continue (it won’t). More Eldar and Harlequins are on the way, but I took some time out this weekend to polish off a new model for Fantasy.

There is a move afoot among our group to do a campaign based on the End Times rules, and everyone seems to be picking their main End Times character – Nagash, for example, has already been seen.

For my part, having just finished the Curse of Khaine novel, I picked Malekith to lead my Elves, in his guise as the Eternity King.


Being the Eternity King, I did him with gold armour and crimson cloak (as befits the glamour cast on him to make him more palatable to other Elves), and his sword a brilliant white. The dragon was fun to paint too. I was going to do the belly much lighter but, having shaded it, decided to leave it as is. All in all, should be suitably imposing on the battlefield!

I then hit was was, perhaps, an inevitable problem.

I decided to pick up a couple of Dark Elf units, Darkshards and Corsairs, to go with Malekith so he was not simply appearing in a swarm of High Elves. This led me to start reading the Dark Elf army book properly for the first time.

Oh, there are some nice units in that book! Which makes me think – why not do a proper Dark Elf army?

So, I am now seriously considering a brand new Dark Elf army if we do another campaign without the End Times rules (and I think we will). All I would really need to round things off would be another unit of Darkshards and a big block of Witch Elves with the Cauldron of Blood…


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