Going back to Harlequins briefly, I finished off the Shadowseer – this one along the theme of the Penguin from Batman.


Admittedly, this one is a bit more of a stretch – you can see the grey trousers, white shirt, black jacket and purple hat shining through. The yellow of the Penguin’s waistcoat is perhaps a little over done with the tails but this is supposed to be a Shadowseer based on the Penguin, not a Penguin duplicate for 40k. I think it works and am quite happy with the results.

Thinking a little further down the line, for another Shadowseer, I think I might go with Mr Freeze – all those greys and muted blues may be a little boring for the average Harlequin but for a Shadowseer, it seems quite appropriate.

Anyway, with this guy done, along with the Death Jester, Solitaire and one Troupe, I now have access to two formations in the Codex (the Troupe, Death Jester and Solitaire as one unit, and the three characters on their own), so they may be getting some table time soon.

My next Harlequin projects will be another Troupe (done as Poison Ivy) and a unit of Skyweaver Jetbikes (does as the Flamingo).


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