The Bloody Hand of Khaine

I completed the Avatar of Khaine this weekend, finally – another model that was getting dangerously close to being in the fish pile. And while I am currently on a mini-drive to get Craftworld Eldar done, this model was delayed due to an identity crisis of sorts.


The problem with the Avatar has always been its role within an Eldar army. In the old Rogue Trader days it was all kinds of awesome (effectively having Following Fire in close combat so it could walk through an entire army in a turn – that is how old I am…) but as editions came and went, the foot-slogging Avatar did not keep up with the rest of the Eldar force. Now, while it can pretty much go tote-to-toe with against anything else in close combat, the issue will always be getting there without being shot to pieces. This means adjusting the Eldar taken in an army to revolve around the Avatar, and I don’t like doing that for a single model (way too much can go wrong).

I like to keep my Eldar mobile (Jetbikes, Vypers and grav tanks to the fore), so having this guy traipse along behind like a wet weekend is not going to be viable – by the time he gets anywhere useful the enemy will, hopefully, be dead anyway. And that is not a good use of his points.

The possibilities that suggest themselves are to have him wander up the table alongside a Wraith Host (already very expensive), or perhaps a foot slogging Guardian Host – still not sure how to use the latter effectively yet (effectively being the key word there, rather than just treating them as a ‘tax’). In the ideal world, you would want him supporting a Banshee assault, where they can take advantage of his buffs such as Furious Charge, which is just plain rude on something like Banshees.

Also useful against an enemy likely to come to you (Tyranids, Orks and Daemonkin, for example).

Anyway, he is finished now, but I am not expecting to use him too often…


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