Forces of Naggaroth

I guess it was inevitable – after picking Malekith as the Eternity King to lead my End Times elf army, I just had to do some Dark Elf ‘friends’ for him. Currently taking bets as to whether this will turn into a full army…

These are just a couple of units I picked up for as little money as possible on eBay, so no real ‘optimising’ of unit equipment.


Corsairs first – if I had been building them myself I would have gone for dual weapons and a Standard (the latter will be added with some new purchases), but the repeating crossbow pistols are not going to be too shabby if these guys get charged…

I kept the same paint scheme that my High Elves use, especially the pink which links the two forces together. Other than that, where High Elves are white (cloaks and tunics) the Dark Elves are black and the skin of the Dark Elves is grey. Hopefully should look good when fielded with their more noble brethren.


The other unit is one I am a bit more ex cited about, the Darkshards. Looking them over in the army list, I suspect these guys might have a good go at outshooting even Wood Elves. The Wood Elves have 6″ range on these guys and their funky arrows, but Darkshards are three quarters the price (even less if the Wood Elves go for magic arrows – which they will) and chuck out twice the number of shots. Already figured out I need a lot more of these guys if I go for a full Dark Elves army…

So, will I? Well, we have another Fantasy campaign starting soon. If I can get hold of (and paint) a decent block of Witch Elves with a Cauldron of Blood, I will more or less have a 2,000 point force, so it is a possibility…



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