Flamingos at Six O’Clock!

Well, these guys are guaranteed to wake you up on a quiet Tuesday morning!


Continuing my Masque of the Dark Night mob of Harlequins, I polished off some Skyweaver Jetbikes, edging ever closer to some usable formations for this force.

As I said previously, my theme for this army is to have every unit inspired by the colours of a villain from Batman but, with a troupe currently in progress to match Poison Ivy, I am beginning to run out of the ‘obvious’ ones. However, Google is your friend in such instances, and I tracked down a minor villain known as the Flamingo. Even better, he rides a bike – perfect!

Pink is always going to work well for Harlequins, the grey trousers are a good counterbalance to that brightness, and the yellow flashes have come out well, I think. A touch of silver on the bikes to suggest chrome, and they were done!

As I said, I am currently working on a second troupe who will mirror Poison Ivy, along with another Shadowseer who will be done in the tones of Mr Freeze.  After that, it gets a bit trickier but I figure I need just three more; a third Troupe, another set of Jetbikes and a squadron of Voidweavers.

Suggestions appreciated!


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