High and Dark

Two wizards from different sides of the same coin – a High Elf Wizard and a Dark Elf Sorceress…


I painted up the High Elf Wizard because, well, you can never have too many Wizards in a High Elf army. Specifically, I only had one on foot before this chap came along, and having low level bods strewn through infantry units is always helpful (especially as I have recently discovered the Convergence spell under the Lore of Heavens – very nice on units of Archers).

The Sorceress is present to help lead my new Dark Elves (beginning to look worryingly like a new army, rather than just an allied contingent…), and is a favourite model of mine. Last painted this Sorceress years ago as a converted Dark Eldar Archon (works well), but this is the first time I have done Dark Elves.


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