Big Guns

This week’s painting is wrapped up with a nice, big model and a new addition to the Imperial Knights – a Knight Crusader.


When the new kit came out, I grabbed a couple of boxes and the first just had to be a Crusader with lots of guns! I resisted the impulse of putting a Meltagun in place of the Heavy Stubber (this Knight really should not be getting close to the enemy) and went with Battle Cannon/Gatling Cannon/Missile Pod for some serious area denial work.

Incidentally, if you are looking at these new box sets, you can make up a missile pod (one of two variants) and the anti-aircraft mount, one of which can be placed on another Knight as they just plug into the hole on the top; so one of my Paladins is now sporting some AAA. With just a tiny dab of blue-tac that is hidden by the weapon itself, you can continually swap these carapace weapons between Knights (the blue-tac is necessary as the ‘pin’ that the weapon uses is not long enough to be stable on its own and you don’t want weapons rolling off your Knights mid-battle).

I have not built the second Knight yet but I think I will go with a Warden-class – you can never have too many Gatling Cannon and I really want a Knight with a fist that can start throwing things around the battlefield. The all-close-combat-weapon Gallant I am not so sure about, especially as I already have a Castigator which probably does the job just as well and looks way better.


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