One Shot, One Kill

The Imperial Guard (sorry, Astra Militarum) army progresses slowly, being very much a ‘second tier’ force at the  moment, so no urgency is present. Still, doing the odd unit here and there, it is coming on with the second platoon well under way now.

This weekend, I added another squad to the platoon and also polished off the first special weapons squad. Being a Catachan force, they just had to be snipers.


As they were snipers, I wanted to go a bit further with the vegetation that I have been putting on the bases of many of the infantry. In this squad, they all have vegetation, and the snipers themselves have a bit more than usual. My particular favourite is the chap aiming his Long Las from between two fern fronds.


I have one more Infantry Squad to do for the second platoon, then their Command Squad, and then that is finished – I am going to try very hard to resist to do a third (though that would mean I have the whole company done…). After that, I just need to do a handful of tanks and flyers, and then this force will be ready to take to the field for the first time!


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