Storm of Magic

After a canny purchase on the Bring and Buy stand at Campaign (Milton Keynes) this year, we are starting to introduce the Storm of Magic rules to our fantasy campaigns. And that means ‘tooling up’.

The first thing needed are Arcane Fulcrums, and I have finally painted two up (you really need four). These took longer than I had thought, due mainly to the sheer number of skulls present on both.


I have another two (different) Fulcrums in the works and, frankly, they look way easier to do. They’ll be polished off in a week or two.

As well as Fulcrums, armies in Storm of Magic get a points allowance to spend on, well, cool stuff – binding scrolls, legendary magic items and various pacts.

The pacts are interesting but basically mean bringing a mini-army with you and I really don’t fancy starting yet another army for Fantasy right now, as my Dark Elves (only ever supposed to be allies, originally) are occupying enough of my time. The legendary items… again, interesting, but some of them are a bit two edged for my liking, though the floating tower has some potential and could make for a nice model. If I see a watchtower going cheap on eBay, I might have to indulge.

No, for me, it will be all about the binding scrolls – which means Monsters!

I am keeping my eyes peeled for a Zoat or maybe a Cockatrice but I figured I would start big and so spent a little time re-basing this dragon.


Not the biggest one I could have picked but we are doing 2,000 point battles which means only 500 points in the Storm of Magic allowance – and that just ain’t enough for a fully-fledged Emperor Dragon. Which would have been nice.


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