Ivy and Ice

Slowly, very slowly, the Harlequin force grows and this weekend I finished another couple of units. As I have posted before, the Masque of the Dark Night has colour schemes based on villains in Batman.


After doing one Troupe based on Harley Quinn, I had already pegged another to be done as Poison Ivy and, this weekend, I finally got round to it! Two-tone green and flashes of orange work well, I think.

Now I just need to do one more Troupe to finish off the Troops slots in this little force – and I have no idea which villain to base that on! Time to hit Google, methinks…


I also polished off another Shadowseer, this one done in the theme of Mr Freeze – all the greys work well on this model, I think (because, you know, lots of grey and Shadowseer…). I wasn’t going to have duplicate characters, as I hate models that look the same for leaders, but the colour schemes I have picked are very different (the first was based on the Penguin) and you really cannot have too many Shadowseers.

I am loathe to do another Death Jester as a) the models are again exactly the same and b) I am not really rating Death Jesters right now. However, the first could be got round by using one of the older metal Death Jesters (might look odd though) and as for the latter, well, they are only 60 points base.

Right now, I can do two formations of Harlequins, the Cast of Players which combines a Death Jester and Shadowseer with a Troupe (so, too many to use a transport, thus they will be walking) and the Heroes’ Path, which brings along a Shadowseer, Death Jester and Solitaire. If I did just one more Death Jester, I could take both formations at once…

What I really need to crack on with now are the Voidweavers and one more unit of Skyweaver Jetbikes. These done, I will be free to use any formation. One more Troupe on top of that and I will have enough to do a ‘proper’ Harlequin detachment.

So, lots to do!

Right now though, I have some more Catachan Guard on my painting table (just about to finish off the second platoon – which means I need to start concentrating on the big stuff like tanks and flyers) and a Skyrunner Farseer and Warlock. We have a group painting day coming up this Saturday during which I am aiming to complete, from start to finish, a full unit of Witch Elves and a Cauldron of Blood. That will give me a full 2,000 point (if not completely viable) Dark Elf army!

Also looking forward to the new Dark Angels Codex later this month. Really liking the new Space Marine one, just hoping the Dark Angels get some of that formation goodness! Honesty would not mind if the Dark Angels book said ‘use everything in the Space Marine Codex that does not have specific chapter tactics, and then add these new bits.’ That would suit me down to the ground…


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