A Frenzy of Elves

Planned to finish these on our Saturday painting day but finally polished them off last night – a nice big block of Witch Elves backed up by characters and a Cauldron of Blood.


As you can see, there are still some gaps on the movement tray meaning this unit is ripe to be expanded, but with 25-odd Witch Elves all done, it is certainly enough to be getting on with!


I have yet to try them out on the battlefield but it is clear these girls need to get into close combat – where, with all the buffs they get from super-Frenzy, the Cauldron and their leaders, they will mince just about anything, from Zombies and Skavenslaves to Chaos Warriors.

The trick will be avoiding being hammered before they get there,


There are several ways to do this. I am not too fussed about magic, as Dark Elves can certainly hold their own there and the Ward save the Cauldron grants is easily bumped up through Magic Resistance of a character or two. Being charged is not much of an issue, even if the girls get hit in the flanks, as their sheer damage output will more than compensate, even on the sides. In fact, I may actively be looking to get flanked as that allows them to hammer (and possibly rout/destroy) three units at once rather than just one!

The problem is missile fire. The Ward save granted by the Cauldron will help with that in a big way, but I like to be sure. The answer may be following this unit with a Sorceress who, through Dark Magic, has access to plenty of spells that cock up shooting (even Wood Elves, with their ‘ignore all negative modifiers’ rule will not do so well if they are at BS 1…). I also note that an Assassin can sit in this unit without getting butchered and with a free choice of a 50 point magic item, may find something that protects the unit as a whole…


But back on to the good stuff. I have already painted up two characters to lead this unit (and may end up having both in there), the first being a Death Hag. This girl can carry a 50 point magic weapon into battle and while the Ogre Blade seems like the obvious choice, I am wondering if something that gives her more attacks will help more as they will all be poisoned. Especially if the unit is also carrying the Razor Standard, giving everyone Armour Piercing.

However, the star,by a long mile, is Hellebron. She is a helluva lot of points but with up to ten (ten!) S10 attacks, coupled with Always Strikes First, I am not sure there is anything she cannot simply murder in one turn. Who needs Killing Blow or Multiple Wounds if you are kicking out that much firepower? She could slaughter entire ranks on her own and for challenges, she can single-handedly finish off anything in just a turn, maybe two. at an absolute stretch – Vampires, Dragons, pumped up Chaos Lords… bring them all on.

Looking forward to getting this unit on the table…


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