Leaders of Men (and Elves)

I’ve been messing around with some character models of late – after doing that big block of Witch Elves, it was nice to return to something with a fast turnaround time.


The first was this chap, Kaldor Draigo, leader of the Grey Knights. I wasn’t going to bother with any of the Grey Knights special characters but both Draigo and Crowe turned up at really cheap prices, and I could not say no. And, at the end of the day, as far as the fiction is concerned, Draigo might just be the greatest hero of the Imperium ever. It seems he even turned up in the Fantasy Battles End Times.

Chatting to Alan, we did a brief back-of-the-envelope comparison between Draigo and a Bloodthirster (Alan is looking at doing Khorne Daemonkin) and we came to the conclusion that Draigo probably wins if he gets the right psychic powers off (having a bit of support from the odd Paladin won’t hurt either). Still, the Grey Knights are currently on garrison duty (at home, rather than waiting for play in the office) so it may be a while before I try him out.


I had a Skyrunner Fareseer and Warlock already, using bitz from Chapterhouse Studios, but it was nice to finally get round to picking up the newer models to fit in with the rest of the Jetbikes. I could really use a clutch more Warlocks on Jetbikes to pad out my squads (and add the awesome) but then, I really need more Jetbikes full stop…


This was a fun one. Another Warlock on foot, just to prepare me for when I (finally) get hold of a Vaul Battery and can start using foot-based Guardian Hosts. However, I also picked up (I really cannot remember where from, probably eBay) this classic Rogue Trader era Eldar Guardian leader – I figured he would make for a good Autarch with few upgrades, making him a cheap option compared to the winged model currently available. Always nice to get some of the older models in an army sometime.


Coming Up

I’ll be doing a review on the (long awaited) Dark Angels Codex very soon – I have already tried them out this week and the book is all kinds of awesome. If you are a Dark Angels, ignore the naysayers. This is the book you have been waiting for.

We also have a Warhammer Fantasy campaign day coming up tomorrow, and I will be busy tonight, beavering away on a new character model for the High Elves that I want to give a whirl. More details next week!


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