Polishing off a few little bits and pieces at the moment, and as all Elves are together now (End Times plus Age of Sigmar), this somewhat opens out a lot my choices.

First off were some Cold One Knights that I had lying around for a while.


But nervous about the Stupidity rule, but it is fairly clear they will do the damage once they get in.


I also added Tyrion. I wasn’t going to do this chap (was having my Elves led by Malekith) but it gives another option, he goes with Teclis, and I know he will annoy a couple of players in our campaign…


The Dark Elves did get a try out in Age of Sigmar this weekend, but it did not go well for Malekith and his friends (someone else was commanding them while I typed up the last battle report). Howeverm, this game did set some doubts in my mind as to whether Age of Sigmar really does scale up well for larger forces. Needs more of a look.