Age of Sigmar – Chaos Update

Some of you asked for details and pictures of the Chaos models in the starter set and, as I put them together last night, I could take a few snaps this morning.


First up is the Lord of Khorne, and very nice he is too. A nice, big, imposing model with a pet Fleshhound which gives him some immunity against incoming spells. One thing I particularly like about this model is that, in 40k (and old Fantasy) he would just be armed with an Axe of Khorne. All so very ordinary. In Age of Sigmar, he comes equipped with a Reality-Splitting Axe – now that is something you can make an impression with!


The big monster is a Khorgorath, a kind of demon/mutant/dreadnought thing that will tear the enemy a new one. The latest White Dwarf says there are more of these things about, so expect a variant model in due course. The chap with him is a Bloodstoker and he looks like he prods the Khorgorath into battle. As it turns out, he prods everyone into battle, giving a warband-wide bonus!


The Bloodsecrator. If he stands still and plants his standard into the ground, it rips a hole in reality and nice things happen to Khorne worshippers.


You get five Blood Warriors, equivalent to the old Chaos Warriors. Nice, big, beefy chaps, they seem to be the counterparts to the Stormcast Liberators and will make up Khorne’s heavy hitters.


The Bloodreavers, on the other hand, are the rank and file – you get two units of ten in the set, though only one unit will have the standard command group. I imagine these guys will die in droves but they will hold enemies up before they go down, and there is nothing wrong with having a lot of attacks.


Some of you have also asked for a size comparison. The Blood Warrior is about the same size as a Stormcast Eternal and noticebaly larger than a Space Marine (getting more towards Terminator in size, though less bulky). I placed him next to a Fantasy Orc warrior as a comparison. The Bloodrevaer is of more ‘normal’ size, though that is still a new 32mm base he is standing on.

These guys will be painted after the Stormcast Eternals are done (hoping to have those completed next week), as I am a bit more pumped up about Sigmar’s boys. Also, there are a fair few more Chaos models to get through. However, want to get them all done so I can start playing through the battles in the starter set…



7 Responses to “Age of Sigmar – Chaos Update”

  1. Lasgunpacker Says:

    Thanks for the comparison shot. Looks like they are not too far off the current figures, and with some careful positioning and trimming, will fit on a 25mm square base.

  2. chazsexington Says:

    Would you say the Bloodreavers are easy to convert into Cultists/Renegade Guard?

  3. Laffe Says:

    Interesting. Could you do a comparison shot with a Blood reaver and a “normal” chaos warrior or any old human from the 8th edition? Trying to decide if they have changed the scale or if it’s just normal scale creep.

  4. imperialrebelork Says:

    This is full of awesomeness!!!

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