The Enemy Within – Mistaken Identity Part Two

Continuing with the report on the Enemy Within campaign, the second part of Mistaken Identity.


The players and characters were;

Ed – Thorgrim – Dwarf Scholar
Amy – Llewellyn – Wood Elf Warrior
Andy – Thorn – Wood Elf Scholar (wizard’s apprentice)
James – Deem – Dwarf Warrior
Alan – Yvette – Human Ranger



The players finally made it to Altdorf, having annoyed only a few people along the way. They disembarked in the central Konigsplatz, and almost immediately James notices a couple of men were looking very pointedly at him. One started scratching his left ear with the little finger of his right hand. Absolutely clueless but eager to get the initiative, James smiled at the men and held up both hands – which confused them utterly.

As they retreated, a voice hailed Amy from across the platz – it was Josef, an old boatman friend of hers. He insisted she and her friends accompany him to the closest inn, a notion that appealed greatly to the dwarfs in the party. Along the way, Josef let slip that the prince whose expedition the players had been hoping to join had already departed. However, Josef was busy himself and could use a few hands on his boat that was taking Reikland wine to the Schaffenfest in Bogenhafen, a few days away. With bed and board thrown in, the players were happy to sign up – not least of all James, who had been planning to go to Bogenhafen anyway to claim his ‘inheritance’.

At this point, a man in black leather armour entered the inn and, grabbing a drink, sat down. It was very clear from the reactions of everyone else that he was not to be trifled with and the players got the hint. At that point, two young (and very drunk) nobles entered, and started insulting everyone in the bar room. This escalated quickly enough into them downing ale as fast as they could, then throwing it up over the closest patron. In this case, the players.

This did cause them to react but, as they stood up, the man in black wandered over and told them to sit back down or they might get hurt. A few more insults followed this until James decided he had had enough, and a beating commenced. The nobles quickly exited the inn while this went on, giggling as they went.

One beating later, the players leave the inn to spend the night on Josef’s boat, intending to leave for Bogenhafen, via Weissbruck, in the morning. However, Andy started getting twitchy, and figured they were being followed.

Retreating to an ally, they watched as two men came down the road, obviously looking for them. As they neared the players, a twang rang out in the night, and the first man went down to a crossbow bolt, quickly followed by the second.

Aware that the watch could be near by, the players decided that discretion would be a good idea here, and they made with all speed for Josef’s boat.

Except for Andy. He crept forward, ever wary of another crossbow bolt, to search the fallen men. They did not have much beyond a few coins on them, but Andy noticed that each had a tattoo of a purple hand on their chest. Thinking this might be useful, he took out his knife and cut the tattoo out of the dead man’s flesh.

When he got back to Josef’s barge, Andy proudly showed everyone what he had found – which drew cries of shock and disgust from the others (as Amy said, ‘what is wrong with you?’). Not quite seeing where the other players were coming from, Andy shrugged and fed the scrap of flesh to a pet terrier Amy had acquired earlier, Scruff.



The first leg of the journey, going up the Weissbruck canal, took three, uneventful, days. It was at Weissbruck that everything kicked off.

Behind the scenes, the dwarf James had assumed the identity of was actually a high-ranking cultist from Nuln who had had a bounty placed on him a while back. Most bounty hunters had given up trying to find him but there was one who had baited the cultist out of hiding by arranging for a fake inheritance – the same one that James was now trying to claim. Unaware that the original cultist had been killed by mutants in the forest, the bounty hunter was now in pursuit of James, who just happened to be acting as the bounty hunter thought the cultist would. It was at Weissbruck that the bounty hunter would spring his trap.

Josef’s barge had been tied up at the Weissbruck wharf but while the other players had decided the spend the night on board again, James announced that he would inspect the town’s taverns (and, while he was there, completely ignored/missed the fact that the bounty hunter was watching him). The bounty hunter was waiting for him when he returned to the barge.

Three local thugs led the charge, plugging up the barge’s chimney and causing smoke to fill the interior. As the players burst out, they were assaulted by the thugs and picked off by the bounty hunter’s crossbow. It was quite a vicious fight that caused Alan to lose a Fate Point from a crossbow bolt but, in the end, the players were victorious.

On the body of the bounty hunter, the players discovered a letter that confirmed the man who had just attacked them was a bounty hunter, and that he was after James (or, rather, James’ double).

Thinking he was now in the clear, James looked forward to his arrival in Bogenhafen while the others geared up for what was promising to be a fine Schaffenfest…




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