The Enemy Within – Shadows Over Bogenhafen Part One

With the first part of the Enemy Within campaign under their belt, the players were ready to start the second scenario of the series – Shadows Over Bogenhafen…


The players and characters were;

Ed – Thorgrim – Dwarf Scholar
Amy – Llewellyn – Wood Elf Warrior
Andy – Thorn – Wood Elf Scholar (wizard’s apprentice)
James – Deem – Dwarf Warrior
Alan – Yvette – Human Ranger

The players rocked up in the boat of their friend Josef and, upon arrival at the town’s docks, promptly ignored the leads they had acquired and instead went straight to the Schaffenfest, the big town fair being held outside its walls.

The dwarfs quickly found the beer tent, while the elves coolly ignored yokels trying to bait them into a fight (‘Oi, Wing Nut!’). Once the dwarfs had returned, miniature kegs underarm, the players wandered over to the the livestock market where an auction was taking place. Amy was the player unfortunate enough to scratch her nose while I described what was going on, and she promptly found herself in possession of several piglets! Perhaps thinking they were not going to be suitable friends for her dog, Scruff, she eventually found a farmer willing to buy bacon-to-be at a cut down price.

Next up was a wrestling ring, in the centre of which was an absolute brute of a man taking on all-comers – he was really just one down from an ogre. The party fighters quickly clocked the man was pretending to be exhausted but, before anyone could do anything, a voice in the crowd shouted ‘I’ll have a go!’ before Andy felt himself being pushed forward.

So, the weedy elf wizard’s apprentice found himself in the ring with a real bruiser. The results were predictable.

When Amy, the other elf in the party, volunteered, bets were made appropriately, but she stunned the entire crowd by taking the wrestler down, and doing it quickly. Collecting her winnings, Amy left the ring with a smile.

The players briefly watched the jousting knights at the edge of the fair, with Andy wondering if he could blag his way through the assembled nobility (he thought better of it), before wandering over to a freakshow. The proprietor, Doctor Malthusius, was haranguing the crowd, boasting of his exhibits and telling everyone to return later in the day for the grand opening – when a small, three-legged goblin broke free and made a dash for freedom. With Amy’s Initiative score, it was never going to get far, and she was invited back for the opening, with free admittance.

A little ways away from the freakshow, James had found the law courts, with a very sorry and forlorn looking dwarf in the stocks. The dwarf, obviously drunk, begged James for a schilling so he could pay his fine and be released and James, seeing a brother dwarf/drunk in trouble, paid up. The dwarf, Gottri Gurnisson, promptly declared James friend-for-life and insisted they get drunk together – so long as James could pay, as Gottri was somewhat lacking in funds.

So James, with his new best friend’s arm around his shoulders disappeared into the beer tent once again.

As evening wore on and the players rounded the last stalls of the fair (they ignored the miracle cures being offered), a cry went up from the freakshow – the three-legged goblin had escaped again!

This time, the players were a little too slow and they watched it disappear into a grating at the foot of the town’s walls. Doctor Malthusius and a passing magistrate both offered the players a princely sum (well, 50 Gold Crowns) if they would go into the town sewers and retrieve the errant goblin. Not fancying a goblin running loose, plus seeing the attraction of having stone above their heads, the dwarfs quickly agreed (three of them now – Gottri was still with James). The other players reluctantly agreed.

In the next part of this epic, the players root around the sewers, nearly get eaten by acid, nearly blow themselves up, and make a worrying discovery…


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