The Enemy Within – Shadows Over Bogenhafen Part Two

When we last looked at this campaign, the players were about to enter the sewers of Bogenhafen…


The players and characters were;

Ed – Thorgrim – Dwarf Scholar
Amy – Llewellyn – Wood Elf Warrior
Andy – Thorn – Wood Elf Scholar (wizard’s apprentice)
James – Deem – Dwarf Warrior
Alan – Yvette – Human Ranger

The town guard took the players to a manhole cover in one of the streets, and gave them a weird looking ladder-contraption. The smell as they opened the manhole cover was… powerful, and James’ new friend (Gottri, the drunk dwarf) decided he was needed elsewhere. Amy, being the most limber, clambered down and fixed the ladder to the shaft so they could all get down. Andy promptly lit a torch, amidst grumbling from the dwarfs about not being able to see in the dark, and the party started hunting around for clues.

They quickly back-tracked the three-legged goblin’s path and found the grating by which it had gained access to the sewers. From here, they were able to follow its trail (it had cut itself getting free), with no more trouble other than having to cross the sewer from one walkway to another now and again.

Amy had noticed the odd rat swimming in the drink now and again, and was alerted when one disappeared, as if it had been dragged down from beneath. As she was contemplating this, a huge, well, tentacled amoeba is really the only way to describe it, reared from the sewer completely enveloped her. This caused some panic, as not everyone could get to her, piled up as they were on the narrow walkway, but eventually a few sword blows from Alan and axes from James got her free with no more than a few light acid burns.

The party headed deeper into the sewers, getting near the centre of the town. At this point, Ed called their attention to a new stench, one he recognised from his mining days – methane. He duly advised everyone that methane pockets did not react well to naked flame – such as the torches they were carrying.

At this point, Andy announced he was lighting another torch. While the rest of the party started shouting at him to put it out, Alan looked at me with a tired expression and said ‘I know exactly what he is going to do…’

Torch lit, Andy said he was throwing it, hoping to clear the methane pocket ahead of them – James, Amy and Ed immediately shouted at him to stop and barred his throw.

There was a 10% chance every round that any naked flame would ignite the methane. It came up straight away.


Most of the players got away with just a light singing (Andy included). Alan, however, was blasted clear off the walkway and landed in the muck. When he surfaced, he found he had been all but blinded by the explosion.

Amidst protests from Andy that his plan would have worked if everyone else had not tried to stop him, they continued following the goblin’s trail…

Finally, they made it to a door, where the trail ended – a  little bit odd, they thought, a door in the middle of a sewer. They peered through its grating and say some sort of pentagram inside. James used his usual key to get inside (his axe), and they started exploring.

Poking about, Andy found a pile of bones near the door, including a pelvis with three leg sockets. As they considered this, a dark mist started to appear within the pentagram, and out popped a guardian daemon.

It did not want to fight the party, and tried to reason with them, explaining that the three-legged fellow would not listen and look what happened to him. Not having an effect, the daemon then tried threatening them, telling them all the nasty things it could do. At this point, feeling very safe with the daemon trapped within the pentagram, Andy promptly pointed at it… and laughed.

It was at this point that the daemon reached across the pentagram and whacked Andy for a fairly serious amount of damage. He wasn’t laughing after that.

A fight broke out. At first, the players were worried about whether they could actually hurt a daemon with normal weapons, but a couple of early hits from Amy proved it could at least bleed. Unfortunately, the daemon (still honked off at being laughed at) focussed on her, and she quickly hit the deck, unconscious and minus a Fate Point. Alan dived in and grabbed her prone form, pulling it out of the secret temple and into the sewers – where he found Andy, who had already retreated, deciding that facing a daemon was not a great career move.

This left James and Ed to face the daemon alone. James finally buried his axe in the daemon, forcing it to vanish from this reality and Ed… helped (as an academic dwarf, he was never going to be great in a fight).

When it all went quiet, those still on their feet poked around it a bit and picked the three-legged pelvis, thinking it would be suitable evidence of the fate of the goblin. Meanwhile, Andy stole the black candles that were part of the pentagram.

Feeling relatively successful (Amy hurt a lot) they retraced their steps and returned to the surface world…


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