Age of Sigmar: The Goretide

During one of our painting days this weekend, I finished off the Goretide, the Chaos force in the Age of Sigmar box set. And, I have to say, they were a pain in the rear end to do!

You see, I had decided that, instead of my usual Magic Goop method of painting, I would do GW’s recommended base, wash, repaint, layer, highlight method, just as I had on the Stormcast Eternals (where it worked out quite well and did not take much longer to do). On this force, with this many models (yeah, i did them all at once, possibly a mistake) with this many variations and details, it was something of a chore.

Didn’t help that I had picked up the Age of Simgar Painting Guide, so I was really doing everything on these models.

Then again, I have to say, the results were good (for my style of painting anyway). The ratio between time/effort vs. results may not balance too well, but they did end up better than the Goop method. I am just not too keen on doing any more Bloodreavers, if you get my drift…

Anyway, on to the models…


This chap is the leader of the Goretide, a might Chaos Lord with his pet doggie (Fleshhound).


He gets backed up by the Bloodsecrator, who is more than just a standard bearer. Apparently, he plants that thing in the ground and a mini Realm of Chaos appears. Should be interesting.

Didn’t think I would have the patience to do all that gold lining on the standard, much less separate the gold and bone on its rim, but I am glad I did.


These two are the heavy hitters, a Khorgorath prodded into battle by a Bloodstoker.


And if you need more heavy, they also add the Blood Warriors to the force. These guys were probably the easiest to paint (only the gold lining takes any length of time), so I might be happy to add more of these.


And finally the Bloodreavers. None of these were particularly arduous by themselves, but all together, all twenty of them… yeesh. As these are the ‘basic’ troops of this force, I cannot see the Goretide growing particularly large…


And the whole force together!


More Chaos

I think I prefer the Stormcast Eternals as a force but now I have this little Chaos band, I am thinking I may as well add  few things to it. We’ll have to see what GW release for them over the coming months, but I am guessing the Blood Warriors will get their own set, and we have seen a Chaos Altar-thing in the hardback. However, there is a box of Bloodletters sitting on the shelf, eyeing me up, and a unit of them might have to be done (can’t imagine they will be much of a pain to paint up).


More Stormcast Eternals

I also ‘popped in’ the new Stormcast Eternal leader models that GW have released over the past couple of weeks – I’ll get some snaps of them done tomorrow, but I am quite enamoured with the Gryph-Hound! I also put together two sets of Liberators from the new box set, they should be getting a lick of paint this coming weekend.


Battle Reports

Now I have both the Stormcast and Chaos forces done from the box set, it will be time to get down and play some games. I’ll see if I can do battle reports of the all the scenarios in the book sometime soon.


And This Just In

The FLGS has announced the releases coming for Age of Sigmar over the next couple of weeks. By now, you will all have probably heard about the bow-firing Judicators for the Stormcasts (will be grabbing a couple of boxes of those). However, next week, there are two new terrain pieces coming (Numinous Occulum and Dragonfate Dais), and the Stormcast Paladins (the really heavy guys with two-handed hammers, swords and glaives, I think).

Maybe more interesting is that they are re-releasing the Sylvaneth in the Age of Sigmar style (so, new box, round bases, and a Warscroll), a Treeman Ancient and the Dryads. There will also be a big Sylvaneth Warhost containing three Treemen, 32 Dryads and a Finecast Branchwraith, all for £135. Which, considering the three Treemen, does not seem amazingly bad.

Anyway, it has occurred to me to pick that set up, as it would fit in well with the scenarios of the hardback and the Warhost probably contains everything you are likely to need for the Sylvaneth in the near future. Except for the Woods. Ack.

And does this mean I should also be giving serious thought to doing Nurgle forces? That way lies madness…




One Response to “Age of Sigmar: The Goretide”

  1. Stewart Burnett Says:

    Thanks for the post. I’m not a great painter myself and prefer finding out ways I can be messy but have them look decent enough. I like the Stormcast for that reason. I’ve been painting them kind of like Necrons.
    Looking forward to seeing your Liberators from the box. I’ve been debating whether I want a second starter or not. Don’t like the waste of doubling the characters but the unit boxes on their own aren’t cheap.

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