Leading the Stormcast

While working on the Goretide, I also popped in the new command models GW has been releasing for the Stormcast Eternals – really easy models to do, despite all the scroll and gold work, perhaps 2-3 hours not including drying time (I also did another Liberator, not pictured here, the one that was free on the front of White Dwarf).

First up, a new leader, if you do not want to totally cheese out with a guy on a Dracoth.


This is a Lord-Castellant and he remains fairly mean with lots of attacks from his hammer and Runesword. Those hammers on the ends of his cloak do actually fly off and clobber people in the face (D6 of them a turn, doing Mortal Wounds on a 4+, can be a nasty surprise).


I think I prefer these two though. The Lord-Celestant has a big halberd but his lantern goes around scaring Chaos people and making Stormcasts that much harder to kill.

It is the Gryph-Hound that I am particularly pleased with though. A better painter could have done a much better job, but I copied the painting guide in the recent White Dwarf, and are quite happy with him!

Late last night, I also put together two squads of Liberators from the new box set. They went together very well and should be painting them up this coming weekend. I went for one squad with two hammers apiece, and the other with two warblades, both squads containing a dude with a two-handed weapon. Should round out my Stormcasts nicely. Following the Goretide, I also put together a unit of Bloodletters (not sure why I do this to myself), hoping to do them this weekend too…


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