Ophidian Archway

I have only done a couple of posts on terrain but I thought I would make another exception – last night, I polished off the new Ophidian Archway for Age of Sigmar and quite liked the results.


Normally with something like this, I would just undercoat it black, do a grey drybrush, pick out a couple of details and call it finished. However, following the trend I started with the starter set models, I avoided that and instead followed the painting guide a the recent White Dwarf.


Started with a white undercoat this time, and followed it up with a (very) quick coat of white – I didn’t want to do the next stage, a blanket Sepia wash, straight onto the undercoat as the texture would have been all wrong. Once dry (the drying time is what made this piece take a bit longer than usual, but the actual painting time was not all that much greater than my traditional method – a valuable lesson right there), the whole thing got drybrushed Pallid Wych Flesh. Then the floor was painted Skavenblight grey.


Following the instructions in White Dwarf, the whole thing was then given a light wash in Camoshade to suggest moss and lichen, something I would never have thought to do by myself, but it added a lot of definition to all the carvings on the walls.

The whole lot was then given a very light drybrush of white – again, something I might have skipped before, but it really brought out the highlights.


Finally, I tackled the man-fighting-dragon brass bits on the front. That was simply a coat of Balthasar Gold (I made the mistake of trying to give it a dark wash – don’t, it wasted time going back over that mistake) finishing up with a heavy dab of the new Oxide paint GW do. First time I have ever used it, it is a bit weird going on, but it undoubtedly works.

And that was it – a lazy evening’s work with most of the time spent waiting for the washes to dry. I don’t think it looks too bad at all!


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