Baleful Realmgates

The Age of Sigmar scenery painting continues (looks like some nice stuff coming out next week, but I digress). Finished last night – the Realmgates!


I did the first in the same colour scheme as the Ophidian Archway, the idea being that it would appear in the scenarios we are playing from the starter set and the architecture would be similar.


I had to deviate from the painting guide for the goopy stuff inside the gate, as I did not have the specific paints and ended up using GW’s green ink from 20-odd years ago!


For the second, I wanted to do the realmgate in the centre of Khorne held territory (you see it in the Age of Sigmar hardback). This meant doing it black with reddish goop.


All fairly easy with a lot of drybrushing on the stone, with the red goop done the same as the green (but with different colours, obviously) and the gold the same as on the Stormcast Eternals and Khorne guys, so that provides a link on the table.

Hoping to finish off the starter set scenarios next week (got all the scenery now!), as well as some reinforcements for the Stormcasts.


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