Age of Sigmar Reinforcements

I am on a bit of a roll with the Age of Sigmar models at the moment, so I thought it would be good to continue in this vein while it lasts. This weekend, I finished off the two box sets of Liberators I had picked up, the ones that give you all the weapon variations…


These models really do underline how quick and simple the Stormcasts are to paint, even if you are doing a more complicated paint job (base, shade, recover, highlight, for example). I really did just fly through them and it is possible they spent longer drying than being painted.


I went for the two dual weapon fits on these squads, double swords and double hammers. This means I do not have any Liberators with the blade and shield but, given the starter set provides two units with shields (albeit also with hammers), I thought this would be a nice way to break things up on a visual level.


I put the shoulder pad transfers on these models, then went back and did the same on the models from the starter set, and here I think GW have been a trifle naughty. As far as I can tell (someone give me a page reference if I am wrong!), GW have not explicitly stated which transfers go on what units in the two rulebooks – because they are unit specific! I found this out in a recent White Dwarf, tucked away on a page.

If you do not have the White Dwarf yourself, the transfers to units goes like this;

Lightning = Liberators
Star = Judicators
Crescent = Retributors
Comet = Prosecutors

They do kinda suggest this on the ‘grand army’ picture in the hardback, but I missed it and I am guessing others have too!


I also got through a unit of Bloodletters. Though I am really (I promise!) not trying to build up a big Chaos force, I wanted these guys as the hardback provides rules for the Chaos player to summon daemons while fighting on the Brimstone Peninsula (which is where our current campaign is being fought), and Bloodletters are the logical option. I was going to grab some Fleshhounds as well, but I heard a little rumour that the current set is going to get replaced perhaps as soon as next month. So I will wait (not as if I have not got enough to be getting on with at the moment!).

As an aside, these Bloodletters were dead easy to put together and very, very quick to paint – after a black undercoat, they were painted with Mephiston Red, drowned in Nuln Oil, received a Evil Sunz Scarlet drybrush and finally a really quick Troll Slayer Orange drybrush. Then just the black bits (two shades of grey dryubrush), gold and pink tongues. If you are doing a Chaos or Daemonkin army (Alan), you will rip through these – doing 20 or 30 at a time will be no chore and the bases will probably take longer to do than the actual models.


Coming Up

Trying to keep the momentum going for Age of Sigmar for as long as possible. Alongside the models above, I put together two units of Judicators (will be finished by the end of the coming weekend, got some notes that might be useful when putting them together, so stay tuned), and I picked up three Sylvaneth Woods which will be going together as soon as some new paints arrive. Oh, and a couple of Chaos Spawn, for pretty much the same reason as the Bloodletters.

For releases, this will be a busy one for Age of Sigmar fans. First up are the new Retributors for the Stormcast Eternals, the big guys with the bigger weapons , and given the performance of the hammer guys in the starter set, I will be all over this release!

There are also two new terrain pieces coming out (must admit, I am liking the Age of Sigmar terrain thus far), and the Sylvaneth box set of which at least two in our group have said they will be picking up as it looks to be a really good deal. As far as Age of Sigmar is concerned, that set (with three Treelords, a Branchwraith and 36 Dryads) is not only a fairly good deal (as these things go) but also provides just abotu everything you need for a starting force once you have added trees…

I have a feeling (no solid info here, but it seems logical) that we have seen the last of the Stormcast releases for a (probably short) while and this month will turn to Chaos, specifically Khorne. So expect releases of Blood Warriors, Bloodreavers and a couple of other things – all of which I will be trying hard to resist. Though I think a Tower of Khorne will be in the mix, and that might have to be done…


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