Stormcast Eternals – Judicators

I was going to save these guys for the weekend, but I started dabbing a bit of paint on them Monday night and, before I knew it, they were pretty much finished – only the drying time of the sand on the bases stopped them being completed in one evening. Stormcast Eternals really are very fast to paint, even if you are following GW’s base/shade/layer method.

So, I can now present… the recently released Judicators!


I grabbed two sets of these so I could do both the archers and crossbowmen. With the archers, I angled all their torsos slightly so they looked as though they were firing into the air – seems appropriate, given the range of these weapons in the game.

A quick note on assembly – be very, very careful when cutting out the bow from the sprue frame, as it is very easy to snap. I managed to do this once myself and, while it would have been repairable, it would have remained a weak point on the model thereafter. Fortunately, having got two sets, I had plenty of spares from the second unit.


For these, I went with the crossbows, the torsos a lot more level. These are, by far, the easier models to build and paint (though the archers are not exactly difficult) so if you are looking for vast numbers of Eternals, these are the guys to choose. That said, in game terms, I would probably be more interested in the long range of the archers than the multiple attacks of these guys. They have a good ‘stand and fire’ rule, but you will only get to use it once (if that) before you get charged.

Released later this week are the Paladins, and having used Retributors in the game already and liked them a lot, I’ll be picking up at least a couple of sets of them.

I have also pretty much convinced myself that a Sylvaneth force could be interesting (and very convenient with the Warhost box set coming this week), but I have recently heard that the Skaven (think Plague Priests) will be popping up next. I am rapidly getting to the stage where I have come this far doing all the Age of Sigmar models, I might as well do the rest…

Still, all these models do look very pretty.


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