For the past couple of months or so, we have been playing through a Mighty Empires-based Warhammer Fantasy campaign. There are six players, covering Chaos Warriors, Vampire Counts, Skaven, two Wood Elf forces, and me with my pink High Elves.

The elves have mostly been working together. Mostly. As always with this kind of campaign, there have been all sorts of shenanigans, civil wars and back-stabbing. However, last weekend, things came to a head.

We started on the Mighty Empires hex-based map with just one hex a piece, representing our capital cities. All players were dotted around the edges, aside from Ed, who chose to occupy the city nestled within the mountains in the centre of the map with his Chaos Warriors. From these initial starting points, we began to spread out.

It all began well, as a loss meant you just did not get to expand too far in that campaign turn. However, as empires started creeping towards one another, things changed dramatically.

You seem, in this campaign, you can only take a hex off another player if you defeat them on the table first.  This made who challenges who for a fight very important.

A couple of us twigged that if you could creep up to an opponent’s capital, you could ensure they would never challenge you, as a loss might mean they lose their capital city – and bad things happen when that occurs, as I will explain.

Anyway, for various reasons, Alan (playing Vampire Counts) kinda got himself boxed in early on, with the High Elves (yeah, that would be me) taking strategic hexes all around his borders, but for one – this was ‘plugged’ by Amy’s Skaven, meaning that if he wanted to expand, he had to fight one of us.

Another facet of these campaign rules is that, generally speaking, you can only take one hex off a player each turn. However, if multiple players mob another, they can take a hex each, meaning an empire can be seriously gouged.

This was attempted against my poor, poor High Elves in the latest round of the campaign, when Alan’s Vampire Counts challenged me, closely followed by Ed’s Chaos Warriors and Amy’s Skaven. If the High Elves lost this, they would be toppled from the campaign chart and would find themselves under serious threat of being wiped out.

It so did not go that way. I’ll skip the actual battle, and go straight to the ending where the High Elves won. As Alan had challenged me first, I opted to take a hex off him. This is how the campaign map currently looks.


The High Elves are pink. And yes, that would be Alan’s green flag in the middle. Kinda reminds me of Rimmer playing draughts with the Scutters in Red Dwarf…

The victory conditions for the campaign are that after a player has lost his last city, a siege game is played (using the rules in Blood in the Badlands, quite a good campaign book for Warhammer, if you can find a copy). This will be played in about a month’s time, and everyone is quietly building all their secret weapons and working out their ploys. It will be a 6,000 point game with the Vampires, Skaven and Chaos Warriors locked up in their castle, with the Mighty Elven Alliance preparing to knock down their doors.

Victory for the elves will mean us winning the entire campaign. Defeat will mean a long trudge back to our empire as the undead retake their city, while all armies prepare for another round of war…

I’ll see if I can get a few snaps while we play and do a battle report after!