Battle for the Realmgate – Part Two

We recently played two more scenarios from the Age of Sigmar starter set (and are currently prepping miniatures and terrain for the campaigns in the hardback). In the latter scenarios, things start really hotting up and more miniatures start appearing on the table!

The Storm Breaks

Except in this battle. There is an option in this scenario that the Stormcast Eternals start with the forces remaining from the previous battle, and as my Retributors had got well and truly hammered, this meant only the Lord-Relictor would start on the table. And I had already developed something of a negative attitude towards this guy – on paper, he looks great. In actual battles, he always seemed to fluff rolls, miss easy enemies and generally be useless.

Anyway, in this battle, there was an on rushing Chaos horde, and all the Eternals had to do was hold the line – the side with the most models in the centre of the table at the end of the fourth turn would win. Simples.


Yeah, right – this was the initial set up.

This battle was over fairly quickly, but I will provide the highlights. The Chaos horde rushed forward, only slightly diverted by the sudden appearance of a unit of Liberators.


These were quickly mobbed by the Bloodreavers.


And killed…


Leaving the (useless) Lord-Relictor to battle the entire Chaos army by himself.


Needless to say, we missed those Retributors…

Rain of Death

This is the first really substantial scenario of the starter set, and both forces get to use all of their models with the battalion warscrolls included in the book, so the whole force gets special rules on top of the unit abilities. We also used (pretty much) the terrain set up shown in the book though, as it turned out, neither of us called upon the spirits of the Ophidian Archway and, being still fairly new to this game, had our heads so filled with other rules that we forgot about the random magic of the Realmgate after the first turn…


The Goretide set up in a solid line, while a mere squad of Liberators deployed opposite them. Was this all the Stormcast Eternals were bringing to the battlefield, Alan wondered? Oh, no…


The Goretide took the first round and ran forward to annihilate the Liberators but then, with a crack of lightning, more Eternals appeared – on the right flank, a unit of Liberators, while on the left the winged Prosecutors and Vandus Hammerhand himself on the back of a Dracoth. Both threw hammers and breathed storm breath onto the Bloodreavers, and a few crazed warriors fell. Meanwhile, the Retributors charged into the Blood Warriors on the right, killing one but taking two wounds in return due to their ‘spite’ rule.


The Bloodsecrator slammed his Khorne banner into the ground, galvanising the followers around him, while the Khorgorath charged into the Retributors (who by now thought they had bitten off more than they could chew). The Bloodstoker whipped the Bloodreavers forward to charge the Liberators but found himself running towards the Stormcasts by himself, the Bloodreavers seemingly unsure of what they should be doing.


Vandus charged into the Bloodreavers, and completely slaughtered them in one round of fighting (it really was a glorious thing to behold!). The Retributors finally went down under the blows of the Blood Warriors, who started running back into the main part of the fray, and the Khorgorath who started chasing after the Lord-Relictor. Meanwhile, The Chaos Lord Khul failed to charge Vandus, while another unit of Liberators popped up onto the battlefield.

The Bloodstoker was fully engaged in battle with the first unit of Liberators and proved decidedly lethal, dodging blows while knocking out a Liberator per combat phase, more or less. It was not until the Liberator reinforcements joined in that he was finally put down, but he managed to take four Liberators with him!

Meanwhile, Vandus charged Khul, and a titanic fight erupted with the Chaos Lord’s attacks bouncing off Vandus’ armour, while he got smacked around with the hammer and chewed on by the Dracoth. Yeah, it was not much of a fight, as it turned out, and Vandus emerged victorious after two turns – which bodes well for the next (and last!) battle, but I digress…


On the far side of the battlefield, the Lord-Relictor was doing his best to retreat (run!) from the Khorgorath, throwing the occasional lightning bolt its way. The Prosecutors swept passed (finishing off the remaining Blood Warriors with their flying hammers as they went) the rest of the Eternals in an effort to save him. Because the Lord-Relictor always needs saving…


Vandus mopped up the middle, dealing with the Bloodsecrator in short order.


The Lord-Relictor finally ran out of table and fell to the Khorgorath, while the rest of the Eternals rushed to meet it. It finally went down to the Dracoth’s storm breath and the Prosecutors hammers.

Victory for the Stormcast Eternals, all hail Sigmar!

Now we just have one battle to go and we will have ‘completed’ the starter set.


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