Managed to annoy myself this weekend.

We had a group painting day on Saturday and my Master Plan was to completely paint three Citadel Woods, for two reasons.

  1. To prepare the way for a Sylvaneth force in Age of Sigmar
  2. To humiliate our two Wood Elf players, who shall remain nameless (Andy and James) but after two complete Fantasy Battle campaigns have still not got a fully painted wood between them.

To be honest, having them for the Sylvaneth would prove useful, but Saturday was mainly about the humiliation of Wood Elves (Andy and James).


My problems began sometime after I had base coated the trees themselves and was doing the first wash. I had woefully underestimated the amount of paint I would need to do three separate woods. In the end, I completed one wood on the day (which is still more than the Wood Elves – Andy and James – have managed in six months) and polished off the others on Sunday. I then found out that I had not ordered the Blood for the Blood God technical paint the week before, so the Dragonfate Dais I was also going to complete is still unfinished. But I digress.

I think the woods turned out quite nicely though, certainly a cut above my normal painting standard – I cannot really take any credit for this, as I was using a Youtube painting guide.


It also really does not take any longer than my normal style of painting , so I do have to ask why I haven’t been painting like this in the past. It has got to the stage where I have started to seriously consider selling all my old-style painted armies, but considering how many Dark Angels I have (they get counted by the company) I have backed off that for now…



In a nutshell, everything is undercoated black, then anything wood-like gets a coat of Steel Legion Drab, washed with Agrax Earthshade (get a lot, this is what I ran out of…), then highlighted with Karak Stone.


Leaves and Moss

Base coat with Waagh Green, wash with Biel-Tan Green, then highlight with Warboss Green.



These came up really well, I thought. Base coat Dawnstone, wash with Nuln Oil, then highlight with Celestial Grey. After that, just the lightest touch of Ceramite White makes all the difference.


After that, the base gets a liberal coat of static grass over anything that has not been painted. Simples!


These trees have made me a lot more confident about doing the Sylvaneth. Not sure whether I will go light or dark bark on the Dryads, but I am leaning towards dark on most of them to match these trees, and doing the base coats of the Treelords alongside them, a large batch but basically I polish off 36 Dryads and a Branchwraith at once, while leaving just the detailing to do on the Treelords.

And that will make a complete Sylvaneth force – got some cool scenarios in mind for these guys, for which I might get around to building some proper Battlescrolls and posting them here…

Aside from that, I also have the Dragonfate Dais, three Bloodcrushers and a Chaos Spawn sitting on my painting table, all of which I hope to finish off this week, leaving me the weekend to dive into the Sylvaneth properly.

That, at least, is the plan…


One Response to “Trees!”

  1. Russell G Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to put all the colors! alot of help. Looks Fantastic, Im hoping to get something close to this.

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